15 September 2008

My turn

Well this is it. My official first post. I can't promise that I will be posting as often as Jeffrey, but I will do my best to provide you all with significant and not so significant updates on what we are up to. For now, all I am going to do is give the explanation of Jeff's last post title "Lucky Charms Burps Are The Worst." (Don't expect me to explain everything Jeff does- because there usually is no explanation.)

So I asked Jeff, "Do you really want that to be the title of our first post? Lucky Charms Burps?" He explained that a few days ago he burped Lucky Charms and thought- what an awesome title for our first blog post. So yes, after 3 days of pondering and feeling that it was the right thing to do "Lucky Charms Burps Are The Worst" is the first official post title of our blog. How can I argue with that?


Side of Jeffrey said...

Three days of searching, pondering, and praying about it. Don't you dare deny.

Roni, Coleman, Makadie and Anika said...


I am so excited that you will be participating in this blogging thing now! I always checked the NYBros blog trying to get glimpses of you! Thankfully Jeffrey likes you tons so I did get to see you a little!

Good luck on your new adventures in Evanston! (I wish it was Wyoming--because you would be closer to us--but hopefully your Evanston is a bit more exciting than the one in Wyo!)


TheTaffs said...

Caitlin! Welcome to the blogosphere. Looking foward to hearing a little mulcock with a Caitlin perspective. Miss ya girl! I love hearing about how you guys are doing!

Amber said...

Oh yeah! I'm glad to read about you again.

Anonymous said...

haha funny. now get us some pictures!

Don said...

I love that you two are posting! Caitlin, you do realize that we'll still need to hear from you -- regardless of frequency.

Love ya both!