22 December 2010

Cali Was Serious Business...But Not For Max

So you've already heard a bit about our trip to Los Angeles, but I thought I'd share a few more classic pictures. I spent most of the time in meetings and conference rooms listening to lectures on medication errors and anti-microbial agents. Meanwhile, Max was having the time of his life with new and old friends.

Will and Ben, his new bros. This is how they rolled...all gangsta in the back seat. It really was the party wagon.

Disneyland. You magical place. Max had the best time of his life there. He loved the Christmas lights and decorations and characters and songs and man is Disneyland the best.

He got to drive a car! Finally he wasn't stuck riding backwards in the back seat.

The preciousness.

Teacups! Shouldn't we all have a picture of us as kids in the tea cups? I think so. I know I have one.

Thanks Tamara and friends for showing Max such a great time.

YouTube Video

This video of Max in It's a Small World is epic. He went insane with awe and wonder.

Caitlin spent a day and night with the Wards in Santa Monica while I flew to Utah for 18 hours. They cruised the beach.

Um. Ask me if Max is a happy kid. Just ask. Answer? Look at these freaking swing pictures.

He and Ella, basically on their first date.

After the night out, Max took Ella back to the apartment and started to put on the moves. Hey baby, do you like me? I like you too...

I really had a good time with you tonight. You want a shoulder massage?

You sure have a pretty face...so soft.

You also have real soft hands...

What do you think about me and you going steady? I can't quite read your expression...

Yes! He made it all the way to the leg touch. My kid is smooth! Ella, don't pretend like you weren't hoping Max would put on the moves.

Thanks west coast peeps for keeping my family distracted with fun activities while I worked.

20 December 2010

Me Likes Me Some Christmas Cookies

I really like frosted sugar cookies, particularly around Halloween and Christmas. beef and Bodge came all the way up from Lexington to help us make this happen, and they brought the hunger with them.

Classic red and green with an added white.

Everyone frosts with their own sense of style. I am thoroughly impressed with how creative Caitlin can get with her cookie decorating. She really has opened my eyes to new skillz.

Me and shell like to stick to the classic designs, with an occasional crazy moment here and there.

Mulcock men like their green Christmas tree cookies. It's what makes us men.

Max can't wait until he can have a green tree cookie of his own. Who are we fooling? We totally gave him some. Bad parents?

The final products! So gorgeous and tasty in my mouth. Most people share these with others. We eat them all ourselves.

Oh man I want more.

The rest of the time was spent loving Max and eating good foods. What else are you supposed to do when it's freaking cold outside? Thanks for coming up guys!

19 December 2010

Time To Give Thanks For In-laws

Why is there delicious and amazingly fattening food on my table in the morning? What made that morning so special?

Mama and Papa W in the house y'all! They came for thanksgiving...now I know it's Christmas time and the last thing you want to relive is thanksgiving, but you are just going to have to deal with it and even like it!

When the in-laws come, we eat amazing foods. It's just what we do. Sometimes those foods involve Redi-whip...if I'm lucky.

Before our big thanksgiving feast, we went on a walk to earn the calories. Here Lynn and Judes adore and cherish the precious Max as we stroll.

Does Max love them? You better believe it!

It was an overcast and chilly day, but for some reason it suited us just fine and we had a great walk. We went out to the Old Green Bay Trail for our walk and coveted some of the homes out there.

Max's favorite game that day was for Caitlin or I to suddenly turn around and rush towards him.

Oh mom,you are hilarious.

But then the day was passing by and we had a date with dinner! But wait, you might ask...shouldn't you be home wasting your thanksgiving cooking? No, we shouldn't. Instead we did what we were born to do. We crashed Kellogg Business Schools huge thanksgiving dinner they throw for the students that can't go home for the holiday. We did the same thing last year. It's awesome, free and delicious.

Three handsome dudes who just want a bite.

And this is what we found...amazing. It wasn't my plate though because if it were it would be swimming in gravy.

Even Max found joy in stuffing, turkey and some mashed potatoes.

This is how we roll.

Over the week that Judes and Lynn stayed with us we ate a lot and laughed a lot.

Max was always excited to try food at each of the restaurants we chose, including Flat Top Grill.

YouTube Video

The majority of our time was spent adoring this kid and watching him do his thing. This is him, doing his thing.

We also got out and did some stuff, like a self guided tour of the loop. We always have a great time when J and L come. They just know how to party.

17 December 2010

Hey Fat A...Yeah I'm Talking To Jay Moo

Today I went to one final lunch in a small town about an hour and a half out of Chicago called Wacounda. My coworker and I had made a legacy out of eating bad food from time to time at work. We decided to end our time together with the ultimate bad meal.

Hmmm. Which burger should I eat? Tough call...they all look so wholesome and right.

I zeroed in on my choice. The Triple Bypass. Two grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with a 1/2 lb burger, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and melted cheese sauce dripping all over it. Yes, this was done by my own accord.

Here it was. I am guessing somewhere between 2,300 and 3,000 calories of heaven.

My coworker got the equally menacing double cheeseburger. Yes, that is a steak knife hurried in it. No, the knife is nit long enough to go through.

Our other coworkers burger. Psh, weak.

Here is me trying to eat it. I am proud to say I ate the whole thing and an order of fries. It literally is almost the size of my head.

This is the kind of crap that happens when caitlin leaves me alone in Illinois.

15 December 2010

Many Thanks

We mulcocks are a thankful bunch indeed...but often for different things.

Me? I am thankful for my lover, Padtrick (my iPad), Hims, people that buy Baxter products, restaurants, all my family, my dream life, and the gospels.

Max? He's thankful for mom and dad, his phat crib, his boom box, boob juice, his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, his big blue ball, his sea of toys, and Jesus.

Caitlin? She's grateful for her precious husband, Maxers, church, ability to be at home with Max, her gifts from me this year, gym, my job and her lack of job, and family. Her turkey is her beach life she is about to live.

Beefs turkey is thankful for good health and exercise and good foods, her cat Rayah and bird Yurbus and Limon, the best family in the world, having finished school and her job, church and all it's components, Devin and all his traits, friends, and random stuff like rain, hot baths, ballet and holidays.

Michael is thankful for ducks, church, family, BREE, Limon, and snow. Mikes turkey was Conan O'Brien.

A newcomer this year is Bree! She is thankful for mike, church, her familia, her work, her car and her many blessings. If you couldn't tell, her awesome turkey is Kobe Bryant.

We missed out on final turkeys from Devin, Stephen, Pam and Dave this year...but I'm sure they are thankful for something right?