10 December 2010

Now Where Was I?

Oh yes, I was reporting on Feef and Beef's trip to Chicago in mid-November.

Reaction Shot #10 (ok, I have kind of lost count): why the freak do we have to go downtown when it's freezing outside? I will tell you why...cause it's the festival of lights. It's when millions of people gather to watch a parade and the lights turn on on michigan avenue, symbolizing the beginning of crazy consumerism until Jesus's birthday!

Reaction Shot #11: I brought my camera...neat!

Reaction Shot #12: well then take a picture of me I'm cute!!!

These little Mexican children can only mean one thing...Xoco. We stopped in for deliciousness to the very core. Oh, and hot chocolate.

Waiting in line is no problem when you have a baby boy to entertain. Feef and Max are very good friends.

The cuteness...I just can't stand it.

Reaction Shot #13: SICK I just tasted something I don't like (mocking Beef)

After battling insane crowds, we came to terms with the fact that we weren't going to get a decent view of the parade, so instead we resigned ourselves to getting in early for the fireworks display.

Rudolph from afar.

Did I mention it was freaking cold outside? Well, it was. We put a pair of socks on Max's hands to keep them warm.

If you are a follower of this blog, then you know what happens when a bunch of people are waiting for fireworks...they start taking jump pictures. First Lake Geneva, Wisconsin...then Lexington, KY...and now Chicago.

Look at that air!

I think Steve was skeptical at first until he saw how awesome they were turning out, so he joined in.

Our faces rock in this one.

Laying on the floor adds to the height!

This one is entitled "bleeding crotch."

This one is called "hey, is your name bleeding crotch?"

This one is called (you guessed it) "bleeding butt.

Then the fireworks began! This was Max's cue to exit. They were extremely loud and he was already pretty tired. The noise drove him over the edge and he was done.

But Feef is no baby...so he stayed and loved.

Bro and sis. Adorable. Family is the best! It turned out to be a mad-sweet night. It's amazing the fun you can have with a camera and some people you feel no shame around.

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Pamsky said...

Classic jumping photos. Good times!