30 September 2009

Re-evaluating Naughtiness

Well everyone, I can't say that we have been the best bloggers on the planet these last two weeks or so. One reason for me not blogging (beyond business) is that I have been contemplating the direction that I would like this blog to go. As you know, Baby Pops is on his way and there is the incredible temptation to make this blog an outlet for showing off how awesome he is, or at least as awesome as I assume he will be. But is that what this blog is all about? Can I get that with a side of Mulcock was meant to encompass our seeking of adventures and our own way of living life. It was meant to highlight our passions. It was meant to show you why you should be our friends.

While Baby Pops certainly fits in those categories, I think I would like to see if we can take this blog in a direction that continues to show how he is a part of that - not the focus. But I'm still thinking about it.

I neat side-story to this is that Caitlin found a sheet of paper yesterday that has all the ideas we had for the name of this very blog! Additionally, Caitlin had included a large list of words that I was not allowed to say on here (apart from the obvious cursing):

- Ween
- Nip
- Biotch or Biatch
- Any words for male or female genitalia
- Hump or humping
- No references to male or female private anatomy

I am happy to say that I have successfully broken those rules time and time again for the benefit of our readers. Aren't you glad? Strangly, Caitlin still loves me. She's good.

27 September 2009

Did I Scare You?

Well, it has been quite a while. I think it is pretty apparent from my sparse blogging and lack of activity that school has started up again and I've got lots of junk going on. While I have full intentions of reporting on my trip to Idaho (where I had several exciting burgers to discuss), I did want to first talk about my arrival home. Caitlin came and picked me up from the airport and we drove home. I hadn't seen her for four days and it was great to be back to her. As we got home, Caitlin ran to the bathroom as is customary every time we come home (thanks to pregnancy bladder).

It was my fortune that I did not saying anything improper because as I rounded the corner about 30 people charged out of the dark with masks on and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, Caitlin got me good. Real good. I had no idea. Most of my closest friend in Illinois had made it out to celebrate my ridiculous aging.I must first report about the cake. Yes, the above mummy is a cake. Don and Patrick seriously spent about 2 days inventing and crafting this cake from scratch. They started getting into cake making several months ago and each party is another chance to step it up a notch. This took it to the ultimate notch.
Seriously - this sarcophagus has Egyptian writing on it. It was massively impressive.I was immediately crowned birthday boy of the party and handed a delicious Mountain Dew. It was a position I proudly held for the rest of the night.
When Caitlin and I were in WI we bought this cupcake holder. It worked perfectly for holding my German chocolate cupcakes. They were so amazing. Caitlin has found the wickedest GC frosting recipe that blows my mind.Heather and Chris were there, fresh off their own west coast vacation.
Patrick and Alex represented hard core as well. Seriously Patrick, that cake blows my mind.
Trevor and Lyndee (sorry, I might be spelling your name incorrectly) worked it to the CORE. Don showed off his parenting skills by holding Ella for a while. As you can see, she was loving it. Okay, she really was fine until the very last moments there when I snapped the picture. Maybe it is me she wasn't diggin'.
Also representing the youth was my boy Noah. This kid had the moment of the night when he got super pissed at Don for taking his balloon. DO NOT MESS with this kids balloons. He will freak at you.
Adam and Don kick it peace style...something they picked up from our Asian friends at school. Not pictured were many other amazing peeps like Scott and Ellen, Jeremiah and Megan, Alissa and Matt, Lauren and Jason and more. Thanks everyone for showing up and remember that my birthday is all about horror.

18 September 2009

17 September 2009

Pocatello to Boise Playlist

My playlist from Pocatello to Boise yesterday consisted of the following:

Oh Yeah - Daft Punk
The Air Near My Fingers - The White Stripes
West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
Cursum Perficio - Enya
Spam - The Beastie Boys (feat MILK)
Some Song Natalie Gave Me at Christmas One Year
Gold To Me - Ben Harper
Sugar Pie - Har Mar Superstar
Modern Dukes - Weezer
A to the K - Cypress Hill
What I Like About You - The Romantics
Each Coming Night - Iron and Wine
Felix Parts - Peaches
Better Man - Pearl Jam
Supersonic - Basement Jaxx
A Spoonful Weighs a Ton - The Flaming Lips
Wild Boys - Duran Duran
Rhymin and Stealin' - The Beastie Boys
Bleed the Freak - Alice in Chains
Phoenix - Daft Punk (Basement Jaxx remix)
Crocodile Rock - Elton John
40 Years Back Come - Royksopp
Track 07 (not sure of name) - Denali
Genesis - Justice
Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson
Some Dispute Over T-shirt Sales - Butthole Surfers
People Are People - Depeche Mode
Always - Harry Nilsson
Ain't it Fun - Guns 'n Roses
High 5 - Beck
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans - Smashing Pumpkins
Street Fighting Man - Rolling Stones
Blue Angel - Squirrel Nut Zippers
Same Song - Digital Underground
Do It Again - The Chemical Brothers
Treefingers - Radiohead
Meet Ze Monster - PJ Harvey
Angry Chair - Alice in Chains
Rock Me Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again - Human League

That is all. I like that drive. Along the way I learned that there is a place called Smashburger in Boise and that Zagat rated Red Robin the #1 fast food restaurant in America in 2009. Interesting.

13 September 2009

Sailing the Seas of Cheese (what band reference is that?)

As I had mentioned previously, Caitlin and I went to Wisconsin last weekend. With Baby Pops on his way with mad speed, we knew it was time to get in some last road trips before we go on pregnancy lock down. For our anniversary I gave Caitlin a trip to Door County, WI to stay in a B&B for two nights.

What we found out is that WI is not just about cheese...it is also about cherries. The largest cherry producer in the US (Utah in number 2, NY is number 3).
The Cherry Hut provided us opportunities to have black cherry vinaigrette and cherry sodas. We stayed in Sister Bay, often famous for Al's Swedish restaurant and their goats on the grass roof. We went to Al's one night for dinner. Our review? Two enthusiastic THUMBS DOWN. Food? Poor at best. Ambiance? Way too touristy. The only redeeming part is that they actually have European waiters and the prices aren't ridiculous for its fame. If you go, just take pictures of the goats and move on to much better restaurants.Instead, go to the Shoreline Restaurant up at Gill's Rock. The food? Fantastic and fresh. Ambiance? Beautiful sunsets on Green Bay with lots of windows and extremely friendly. Busy, but deservingly so. Prices not bad either. That was a great meal and evening.
The next morning we went on a three hour bike ride through Peninsula State Park. We went to the park's ancient lighthouse and enjoyed several different views. The best part was just riding bikes through the forest and talking about stuffs. Baby names were discussed. Our future was discussed. My propensity to have extreme gas was also discussed. You can get a lot on three hours of riding bikes. This is also 1 of 2 belly shots you are going to get from this trip.
I wasn't joking about the views.
proof that I was there...check the wind-blown hair.
More proof. Where is Caitlin? Hiding from the camera.
We went down to Fish Creek for sandwiches and cherry sodas. We bought Baby Pops a book at a kid's store that I think he is going to enjoy soon.
As is required in any place like Door County, we went to the local confectionery for some fudge. We got the nut roll fudge, which was wickedly delicious.
That night (after crappy Als') we decided to kick it at the drive-in movie theater. Seriously, there are drive ins still? I love drive ins. We saw Julie and Julia, which was enjoyable. More enjoyable was drinking soda, eating licorice ropes and making out.
Our royal carriage for the night at the drive in. Yar-dog.
Our B&B was the Woodenheart Inn. At first I was concerned it was going to be too cheesy. The only room left was the "Cherry Room" - and boy does it live up to its name. But when we got there, it was not overly cutesy and the inn was very quaint and awesome. Five rooms. Each morning we would wake up and have a full breakfast with the other visitors.
As I said, it lived up to its name.
Our last day we went to some antique shops and to another lighthouse. This is the second belly shot you get - mostly it was acceptable because Caitlin said she is darkened out. While she is excited to be pregnant, she has not fully embraced the belly yet. I'm sure that time will come.
I, on the other hand, have fully embraced my belly and I jump for joy at the chance to have my photo taken.
Preciousness. It was really great to take a few days for us as we prepare for the Pops. I love traveling with Caitlin. We annoyingly sing the entire 5 hour drive. We both agree on short naps. We are both down for stopping at a moments notice to inspect something that intrigues us. We both are fine with going to a drive-in theater just cause its nostalgic. The chick is dope.
Wisconsin - you are also dope. We will miss your shores and cuteness. Hopefully next time we will return to you with a family in tow. Just you wait.

10 September 2009


So, you may or may not know that I am the young men's president of my ward. This means I have the privilege to be involved with the scouting program. Currently, we are working on the cinematography merit badge. One of the requirements is that they make a short video using different camera techniques.

I told them they could do any story they wanted, but the video had to be about two minutes. This is what the minds of 14-16 year olds come up with.

These are truly masters in the making.

08 September 2009

You Asked For It!

I think every day I get a request for Caitlin and I to post some pictures of the growing belly. So, in an effort to appease you all, here they are.
Caitlin's pregnancy really has me gaining weight. It is hard to diet when she is so interested in food at a minimum of 4-6 times per day. Not only that, she is also using real butter and real sugar in our desserts. How can I resist?
Here is a close up. Are you satisfied? I had to shame myself on the blog just because you wanted to see the belly pictures.

Wait. Did you mean Caitlin's belly? I might have misinterpreted that.

07 September 2009

This Just In (Out?)!

Caitlin and I just got back from a crazy killer weekend in Door County, WI. Before I take the time to post all our pictures and adventures, I wanted to post a highlight for me from the vacation. Just tonight as we were heading home, we stopped by the outlets. While visiting the Bath and Body Works Outlet, I farted. Here is the amazing part - Caitlin smelled it from across the store.

Are you people realizing the potency and power of this? She looked at me from across the store (which is filled with nothing but air fresheners and scented liquids) and knew what I had done. It was a moment I will cherish, forever. Seriously B&B Works...you are no match for the man.

(I recognize some people will find this story disgusting and revolting, but you have to give me some credit here).

01 September 2009

Never Forget!

Let's just say I have not forgiven the kid that stole my bike last week. In fact, every time a teenager passes Caitlin and I, we pause to see if they are riding my bike. If I catch that kid, I am going to stick something in his spokes so he flies over the handle bars and gets road rash all up his already pimply face.