29 March 2012

This is Max's Brain On Pudding. Any Questions?

This is what Max looks like on an extreme chocolate pudding high. Kids, don't do pudding.

28 March 2012

A Spring In Max's Step

This is what you see all over Chicago with all the warm weather we have been having.

Flowers blowing up out of the ground. We are weeks away from serious beauty.

It is time to return to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy natures goodness. Max loves the gardens.

It's a chance to run, explore, and be silly in pink.

Oh my goodness, what does Max see?

Trees starting to bloom. I love Chicago in the spring. It is beyond beautiful. It's beautifuliciostacular!!!

Spring cause love to be in the air, and mama loves her little boy.

Until he snakes her glasses (which he thinks is the funniest thing in the world)

Mom and Max. So coot.

Does it get more precious?

She loves me, she loves me not (not!). These were all the flowers that were technically in bloom, but since then the tulips are out.

Pimp in pink and on rocks.

Kills me.

Finally, nothing better than a nap in the sun with dada. We will return to the gardens often on Sundays to enjoy its goodness.

27 March 2012

Luck of the Maxrish

Green pants can only mean one thing...St. Patrick's Day! Okay, it can also mean that Max's mom dresses him like a PLAYA!

Playa of what though? Bubbles. And toys. Etc. so we went to a mad awesome St. Patricks Day party at Lindy and Trevor's house. It was a explosion of festive green joy for adults and kids alike!

Parker sported not only green pants, but a green polka dotted tie! Dopetastic!

Basically the sweety pieiest face on the planet. It says, "I am cute...but what you don't know is I am going to dump some bubble juice on your head the second you turn around..."

Lucy though St. Patrick was a pirate, so she dressed accordingly with an eye patch.

The food? Green! Duh! Green milk and grapes.

Green pancakes!

Lucky Charms, the dedicated cereal

I am not sure how this works, but if you dye shiz another color, kids will eat it up like its candy. Even picky Max.

So there weren't just kids there...we even had hip couples sans kids like Nick and Shannon! They are elusive, but once you pin them down MAN they know how to party.

Chelsea and Jake...though I really only have this nice picture of the back of Jakes head.

Lindy and Trevor! The hosts! Paaaaaarty time at the Burgs. Lindy Put together a dope search for the sneaky leprechaun for the kids. They really, really got into it. Clues and searching.

It led them throughout the house....

Then outside where Max spotted a clue on the tree!

Finally, the bounty!!! Candy and gold candy!

Max was pretty much amped. It could have been a bag of barf and he would have been psyched...he had earned that barf! But it wasn't, it was candy. Score!

Hey Parker. I saw a snake around by the house. It was thiiiiiiiiiis big. You should go check it out and leave your scooter here..

Sucka! He totally bought it! The scooter is mine!!!!!! Mwahahahahaha.

We had a great time riding scooters, eating, laughing, and wearing ourselves out with fun. Thanks for the party dudes! Who knew St. pats could be so much fun?

15 March 2012

Max California Para Max

After sneaking in late from our debaucheries in Santa Monica and Newport Beach, we hit the hay at the Halls house. Word on the street is that our homies Will and Ben get up early...like 6am early. Rumor validated.

But Max didn't care...his buddies were up and ready to wrestle and play on the blow up mattress!

Good times were had bouncing around and lounging.

Ben. You can't tell hear, but he wasn't feeling so hot that morning.

Will. Precocious, adorable, Will.

Newborn Charlie in the house!!!!

It was time to get these kids some sustenance because we were hitting up Disneyland!! Lots of carbs....waffles with syrup.

Stuffing face. Turns our Ben was teething and not in the mood for Disney.

Max silly face! He was ready. Caitlin and I took Will with us to Disney so Max would have a buddy all day. Great choice, they had so much fun!

I don't have many pics from da Diz (we got in free Bonus), but Max loved it. He rode a ton of rides....many of the classics. My favorite was watching him see his favorite characters for the first time, like The Little Einsteins, Donald Duck or Mickey. We watched the parade twice.

The next day we went with the Halls to Magic Mountain (got in free - bonus!)

Sorry the picture is rotated wrong, but here is the crew.

Max really loved the kids area of Magic Mountain. He went on lots of rides, including some small roller coasters by himself. He was on one that day, so cute. We were really numbed that our trip was almost over, but we had a great time and Max got to do so much outside. Great to see everyone!

Back to Chicago...we were welcomed with snow. Oh. When we dropped our rental car off, Max screamed stroller and pointed. Turned out we had forgotten our stroller in the trunk...along with my work laptop. Thanks Max!!

Again, thanks to everyone for the beds, the food, the free passes, and the amazing times! It's just what our family needed.

09 March 2012

Deez Santa Monica Nutz

After Newport Beach we headed north to meet up with some more homies that go by the names of the King Chris Ward and Heather-Go-Wild. They live in Santa Monica and just had another baby. The little tyke was so adorable. He came early, so he was just a tiny little super guy. Max was more interested in catching up with his long distance girlfriend Hella Cool.

Just cold pimpin it like they do, eating crackers and sippin on water and juice (laid back...with their mind on their diapers and their diapers on their mind). We headed down to the beach.

Some people in their neighborhood get really excited about holidays, even the lame ones.

Max quickly became reunited with the beach. Love this shot.

We found a little park and did some running around and playing.

It turned into a four way chase and tickle fest. Perfect weather, perfect activity.

He seems sad in this photo, but Max is having the best time ever. Don't forget puppy dog.

We played until there was pretty much no more light left. It was the perfect weather and evening for mischief.

One last photo before grabbing dinner...oh SNAP! Photobombed by Chris!

Later Wards and your amazing home!

Oh, at dinner I had a burger with egg in it. Upon first bite, the yolk burst open and splattered all over my shirt and floor. DZANG Gina. Still worth it.