26 November 2008

I Know It Was You

Listen Mr. Chicago guy who took my wallet - I know it was you. I was just trying to enjoy an El train ride down to Chicago Avenue so I could go to the Museum of Contemporary Art with my family and then eat at Heaven on Seven. But you had to go and make my night a little bit less enjoyable than it could have been. You took my wallet. Then you went on a spending spree at Dominicks and Home Depot. $600 worth of home products and groceries. I recognize that you are hard up - but seriously? On Thanksgiving week? So wrong.

I mean, I did get the gumbo, and that definitely improved the night...but that is beyond the point. I also got cheesy corn bread. But still, you took my wallet.

I even have a picture of you. Don't pretend like this isn't you...I saw you on the train. Well, I cancelled my cards so don't EVEN try to buy anything else.

24 November 2008

The Many Returns of Beeps

In honor of the fact that Beeps is going to be here TOMORROW, I am posting a few classic pictures of her visit to our apartment two weeks ago. She came up with some friends from school for a study session thing. Here are some quality pictures that you should look forward to seeing after thanksgiving:Stuffy nose shopper Beeps
Freezing cold handicapped Eskimo beeps.Dress up confusion beeps.
Sometimes we infect Caitlin with our picture taking antics. I love hanging out with my family.

22 November 2008

Turkey Time

Well friends, I recognize that I haven't written in awhile and for that I'm sorry. Turns out that my job and my hour plus commute is taking more of my time then I would like. I thought I would just post a little something since it's been a few days since Jeff wrote anything. Right now Jeffrey is on his way to the airport to pick up Esteban (Steve), Pamski, and Big D. That is right, we are doing Thanksgiving Chicago style. I secretly hope we get Chicago Deep Dish Pizza as part of our meal.

Shell and Devoin will be coming Tuesday and Michael will be coming early Thursday morn. This will be my first Thanksgiving with the Mulcocks and I'm sure it will be a non-stop party in our two bedroom apartment. Unfortunately, I have to work the whole week minus Thursday. Bummer. So far, we don't have too much planned but I'm sure we will be eating a lot, laughing a lot, and exploring Chicago and Evanston.

Jeff and I are both really excited for the fam to see our cute apartment and neighborhood. You've seen the pictures of the gingerbread houses that we've posted. I wouldn't be surprised if Esteban leaves New York and tries to move to Evanston. The cuteness factor of our neighborhood is really high. Anyone else have any awesome Thanksgiving plans?

17 November 2008

Terrible Appetizer News

I have some really sad and terrible news for anyone who enjoys delicious fat, grease, and battered goodness. For those of you who love the Chili's Awesome Blossom (brace yourself) - they have taken it off the menu! I know, I know. Calm down. I am doing everything that I can about it.

My first step was to make a video for school that lets Chili's know how pissed I am. I am aware that I can get the Bloomin' Onion at Outback. Trust me Chili's, I will. While the video is slightly goofy, the issue is real.

I invite (and slightly plead) everyone to watch this video and then comment in the youtube comment section about what you have to say to Chili's regarding the issue. Please visit the youtube link HERE to make your comments. Below is the video:

If anything you will be doing me a favor in school. You can criticize the goofiness and sound effects in the video in the comments section of my blog...but let's deal with the issue at hand on youtube.

Oh, and if you are interested in D Wo's quirky hate video towards Vista, click HERE.

Vegetarian Birthdays Galore

It was Caitlin's birthday...doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...happy birthday to her! Yes indeed, her birth was celebrated this weekend. While I was able to give her a few surprises and hopefully make her day somewhat special, it was her friends that pulled out all the big stops. Below are a few pictorial examples:
D and L Wo brought over three identical packages. The Wo's proved apt gifters in the past by giving me mounds of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew on my birthday. How could they top that?Caitlin eagerly grabbed the top package. It crinkled, it shook, it made lots of noises.And then - celebrations were had in their most extreme form.D Wo, L Wo - you crazy, delightful people. How could you know the secrets of Caitlin's heart so well?They gave Caitlin 3,000 little plastic spoons. For those of you who know Caitlin well, you know that she is OBSESSED with eating treats with little plastic spoons. She collects them from yogurt shops, candy stores, planes. Because they are so precious to her, she doesn't throw them away...but washes them over, and over, and over. Mind you, some of her spoons are over a year old. The Wo's have cured her of this problem by giving her a minimum of 10 years of spoon goodness.
A few hours later Beefsquee arrived from Lexington with 4 other girls. She would be attending a board review study session in Wisconsin and had to crash at our house for a few days. In the middle of the night, they did the following deed:
Okay, maybe that is the worst picture ever, but it was really cute that they decorated the house with streamers, balloons, and presents on the table. They gave her papers, running songs, a Giordano's gift certificate and...a princess tiara! She woke up on Friday overjoyed.That night I took her to a really great vegetarian restaurant. The lights were low, the food healthy, and the birthday happiness intense.

PLUS, our table was cute.When we got home, Caitlin quickly moved forward with present opening. She immediately moved to Trace Face's gift.A menu from Caitlin's favorite pizza in NYC? What?
Tracy had sent her whole wheat pizza dough from BIG NICKS! The package included low fat cheese and spinach to make the pizza making experience complete!The directions to make it were hilarious, particularly the suggestions that the Big Nick's guys gave to making the pizza.Caitlin made the pizza on Sunday and I have to be honest - it was spot on identical. It took us right back to NYC and seriously made our day. Trace Face - you rule.
Those weren't the only insightful and amazing gifts, a few others included:
- Book of Mormon on CD for her many hours in the car at work from the Judes & Co.
- Caitlin's favorite running shoes (a yearly gift from Pam)
- A cookbook for cooking "healthy beef meals" so she can make me meals including beef from Feef (we laughed so hard at this one).
- Many awesome gifts from friends here in Evanston and the Chicago area
- iPod runner kit for her shoes and a new heat pad for the sore back. Those were my contributions to her birthday joy.
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, presents, calls, texts, emails, decorations, anything that made Caitlin's birthday super, ridiculous awesome.

14 November 2008

Third Times The Charm

I am really angry at school today for robbing me of the time to do a life changing, amazing post about Caitlin and her most extra special 28th birthday today. Blasted education - why do you MOCK MY PAIN?!?
But regardless - here is what I got. So to your left is Caitlin's birthday party in 2006. This was her first birthday in my life...and I crazy wow'd her by taking her to Chuck E. Cheese. I'm pretty sure this is where marriage became a possibility in her mind, but she hasn't admitted that.
Then, to your right, you will find Caitlin's 27th birthday in 2007 - as my wiffer. I surprised her with a home cooked meal (which probably tasted like orange flavored butt. Still, it was the only meal I have ever cooked her so far). She also got loads of presents and a surprise with her friends.
This is 2008 and I'm trying to make it the best birthday I can. More than anything, I can't believe that this is really only the 3rd Caitlin birthday that I had had with her. It seems like we have been together forever.
Last night Caitlin got her B and P on (boogy and party). When it comes to B-ness and P-ness, Caitlin rules! (yo Liesel, did you see that?)

12 November 2008

School Shmool

I thought when I started school, that I would become the worlds best blogger - winning blogger awards all over the Internet for my promptness at creating non-stop posts of interest. Boy was I WAY off.

School...give me a minute to post. Geez.

10 November 2008

Tasty Payment

I think I have effectively branded myself here in Evanston. This weekend I did two acts of service. First, I helped someone move into their new apartment. As payment, they rewarded me with cans of Dr. Pepper. Later that evening, Caitlin and I babysat 3 kids for the evening. As payment, I was rewarded a bottle of Dr. Pepper.

People know me like they know me. My life is an open book. Thanks for reading.

07 November 2008

Worst Side I Have Ever Had

I am sure many of you are confused about the random comment on my previous post by one Lindsay Owen, who I do not know. Someone had passed her sister's blog to me, asking me to read a post she had done regarding Obama's win last Tuesday. Here is some of what she wrote.

First off, it would be very interesting to find out how many blacks voted for Obama SOLELY because he is black. Now if I were to say, "I'm voting for McCain because he is white" I would be called a racist, true? However, to vote for Obama because he is black...that is ok. Pathetic, people are so stupid.

Second, to the rich people-say goodbye to your hard earned income, and to the poor-don't worry, you don't need to work, Obama will "redistribute the wealth" so you don't have to do anything! I would venture that about 90% of the rich are rich because of their HARD WORK. Yes, there are the few that were born into money or whatever. However, when people get an education, work hard, and take risks-WHY CAN'T THEY KEEP THEIR MONEY!? Now I ask myself, why bust my butt (or Parker's) to be successful when Obama will tax the crap out of me!? I think I'll just go work at Wendy's....

Third, I am so worried about my poor children who will grow up under this man's rule. He is against everything of value and supports everything that is wrong. Abortion will become simply another form of birth control, which will be great for all those waiting to do stem cell research on those poor babies. Homosexuality will become widely accepted and taught to my poor confused kids in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Worst yet-national security. Obama will pull out of Iraq like that pansy that he is and leave the mess there-which will come here.

So that is just an example of what I read on Lindsay's sister's blog. I couldn't stop laughing when I read it because of how factually incorrect her comments were. I commented on her blog but said nothing in support of Obama or McCain. I don't really care one way or another if someone is against either party. But I like criticisms that aren't ridiculous and made up. I simply pointed out that her statements were completely uneducated, her attitude disgusting, and her implications of an Obama presidency extremely exaggerated.

So that is why her sister hate commented me. No one likes to be criticized, so I completely understand her lashing out.

Oh, just for kicks and giggles, here is the extremely educated and insightful comment Lindsay made in response to her sister's post:

AMEN! i hate obama. i hate everything about him and i will not support him at all. i dont care if i am divided from the rest of america. he is so devilish on everything and i will not support that. maybe i just wont have kids because i dont see how they can grow up without being gay and having abortions and making nothing because of stupid taxes! i am so glad you werent afraid to put this on your blog! yay sis!

So you know, its hard to get offended when you are being criticized by someone like that.

And now I can resume maintaining our hater-free blog. Enjoy!

06 November 2008

More Gingerbread Homes

Well, we found some new homes to buy in the neighborhood. Thanks to increased taxes for those making $250,000+, these homes should be up on the market soon and just in time for us to purchase when I graduate. They are shanties, really...but they'll do. I choose the yellow one. I know this is lazy posting...but I just really like the homes in the neighborhood where we live.

04 November 2008

Did you get all votalicious this morning like I did? With my RAP THE VOTE tshirt on, there is no stopping the power of my vote! Just try to stop it. America, you just got funked up by one Jaymoo.

03 November 2008

For Fear I Might Attack You

You already know I like Halloween, and you already know that I like horror movies. These are all givens that do not merit repeating nor emphasis. But I must tell you that we did party on Halloween night. It seems as if the fame of my horror movies have spread across the country like wildfire. Upon our arrival to Evanston, there was a long list of people dying to see them. So we decided to throw a party at our house so people could screen a few.

But first, let's talk about me:Caitlin helped me look awesome for the party. Halloween for me is not really about dressing up...but I felt this skeleton face added to the evening of macabre. People had a tough time taking me seriously all night. I spent much of the night sneaking up behind people and scaring them...or just approaching them like a sick pervert. It was fun.
Some people did not dress up, but came with desire for fear in their hearts.Others came dressed up like soccer/rugby players. I'm noticing now that I didn't get very many pictures of actual people...so sorry about that. We had like 14 or so people there.

Root beer cookies.Caitlin famous cocktail weenie bandaged fingers.Mulcock famous Halloween sugar cookies.Homemade cupcakes of succulancy.Cockroach infested pitas and hummus.Pumpkin bowl of chips for the 7 layer dip. Essential.Don designed this spider web laden white cake. Tasty.Not to mention candy and more candy.The table of goodness.The party was an overwhelming success. We showed Cyberpsycho, Loon, and Gone. This showing to virgin eyes only proved to me that each one of my horror movies is special for different reasons. There were people in the audience that liked different ones the best. A few were hardcore fans of the more realistic and bloody Cyberpsycho. Others like the campiness of Loon. While others appreciated the complexity and professionalism found in Gone. Either way, I got a chance to show off and walk around all night like a face painted goober. That's all I can really ask for on Halloween, now isn't it.