31 August 2010

Day 2 - Figuring Out Maui

We woke up and Max went straight to business. Max is obsessed with the computer. Whenever he sees it on the floor he wants it. He loves to smack the keyboard and stare at the bright screens. My assumption was that he was doing research on Maui so we would know what to do that day.
Wrong. He was working on an excel spreadsheet. My guess is he is already making a Christmas list. You will note in these pictures that he has his helmet on. We call Max's helmet his "swag" and I will refer to it as such for the rest of this blog. He had it on the day before, but just not at the beach where it could get wet. I think Caitlin and I did a good job of keeping on his swag during our trip to Hawaii.
We first went to a farmer's market to taste delectable Hawaiian fruits and goods. People, as usual, were extremely in love with Max and want to play with him no matter where we go. These kids were no different. We had been a little bit worried about what people might say to us regarding Max's swag. Caitlin commented to me that if anyone said anything mean she would hit them. I'm not joking. The first woman we saw came up and said, "what happened to your baby's head???" But you quickly realize people just have a lot of curiosity and not always a lot of tact.
A big theme of this trip was, "how much stuff can we feed Max that his parents really don't want him to eat?" It started with this sip of tropical fruit smoothie. Another theme? Max loving it all.
Judes and I wanted to split a coconut so we got one fresh. Our person cut it open first so we could drink the precious nectar inside.
So good. I love da coconut juice.
Jeff also loves da coconut juice. Does anyone not like it? I hope not. I'll judge them if they don't.
Judes obviously enjoys.
AND THEN BOOOOOOOM! They broke it open so we could get to the meat. Scrumdiddly. I enjoy me some coconut meat as well.
Our next step was another beach for more snorkeling and swimming. We had heard that Kapalua bay was really nice, and indeed it was. I think black rock had more fish though, just an opinion. Kapalua was more European - lots of people from all over the world there. K'annapali was much more rich American white boys.
Dad, if you take another picture of me I'm going to break this thing.
It was a very beautiful view in the late afternoon. A great way to sit back, sleep and relax. That ultimately was my goal for Hawaii...to just chill and think about keeping it real.
After some laying around it was time to throw Max and crack the kid up. I remember watching people throw their babies in the past and thought that it was super dangerous and the dumbest thing a parent could do. Now I'm that guy. But cracks up and loves it. Half the time he puts his hands in his mouth and giggles. Other times he squeals.
Oh man classic. I love his legs when he's in the air.
Proof that he's not mad.
It was an awesome day and just how I like to spend my days when I'm not at work. It ended with a sunset and a rainbow. Hawaii, who are you? How do you have so much freakin' splendor? I marvel at thee.
Future posts will include a very special guest and more LYNN!!!! He is a little absent for these first few posts because he was at his conference. Poor dude.

26 August 2010

First Things First

Can you tell where we had our first amazing meal in Hawaii??? YOU GOT IT! Costco! Okay, listen. Don't judge lest thee be judged dude. We got off the plane and had to get groceries for our breakfasts and lunches to save dinero and Costco just made sense. And guess what - a wiener and soda is still only $1.50 - even in Maui!
We got to our condo around 6pm in time to relax a bit, check out our place and enjoy a sunset. This is the view out of our pad. Yes, we had ocean view.
Max had had a very long plane ride in which he was a super champ. 6pm was his bed time since it was 11pm in Chicago. So we let him play some on his stomach and then he couldn't take it any more. It was bed time.
He was 100% freaking ready to sleep and then start his first full day in Hawaii. While he slept, I went and picked up more of the crew - Judes, Lynn and Jeff! They got in around 9:30pm.
First step in the morning? Get cheesy t-shirts to wear around and look like tourists. No worries, we were able to find a place in Lahaina (understatement).
Yes, just what we were looking for. Then we went and rented snorkel equipment for the week so we could enjoy all of the awesome fish that Hawaii has to offer. We were sent to Black Rock for our first snorkel and beach experience.
This was Max's reaction to his first experience on the beach. He loved it. More specifically, he LOVES sand. He likes to touch it, swat it and eat it. Whatever access he can get to sand he'll take. We tried to keep him shaded as much as possible, but he ended up with a tan regardless of our efforts.
Oh, and the sand? Deliciously soft and cool.
This is why they call it Black Rock. Tons of people were up there jumping into the water. You can see many people snorkeling below as well. The snorkeling here was actually quite decent and I saw my first eel - red and white striped.
Black Rock is in the K'annapali area of Maui - which is Hawaiian for "tourist craziness". Okay, not really...but this is where most of the awesome Maui hotels are and the beaches ain't shabby either.
It was time for me to take Max into the ocean for the first time. He seemed excited about it, so I made my move.Um, are you guys seeing this water? Max was entranced - so much blue! And it moves and makes sounds! It was like a dream come true.Then it came rushing at us fast and this scared Max quite a bit - he began to cry so I held him tight and let the waves go back out and he calmed down.He put his feet in the water and then would pull them up tight to his butt. He wasn't scared, but it was a new experience and he wasn't sure how he felt about it. After a little bit of letting him try, it was time to bring him back to his beloved sand (and mom).And that made him really, really happy.
We laid around, snorkeled and talked until we all started feeling like Max...Hungry. So we went up to the snack bar.
Potato wedges, scrumptious. Lynn chows down with vigor and intensity.
Then nachos, a Hawaiian original! What is it about paradise that makes me crave Mexican food? Maybe because all my tropical experiences have pretty much been in Spanish speaking countries.
Good conversation was had - but mostly we were just tired and starting to enjoy true relaxation.
And then Max had had enough. It was time to get this kid home so he could party and then sleep.
Here is some water that Max does not fear - a bath in the sink. He loves bath time. This picture kills me. And that was the end of our first full day in Hawaii. We were all completely bushed from the 5-hour time change. We had gotten up at like 5am and it was time to sleep at 8pm. It was a trend that would basically continue for the majority of our vacation. Stay tuned for more.

23 August 2010

Bye Bye HI

Max really liked you Hawaii. A lot. He was a perfect gentleman on the flights. He dealt with the five-hour time change like a champ. He frolicked on your beaches, laughed at the fun waterfalls and blowholes, and in the end partied like a rock star. Hawaii and Max go well together and we'll get him back there again when he can actually remember it.

Until then - I got like 500+ pictures - so get ready blogging world.

16 August 2010

Dat Breeze - Delicious

Yo Hawaii. You best take a nap before tonight because as soon as I get my burned booty off your bee-atch, I'm going out to PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR, PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!

P.S. - I'm bringin' my mo-freaky homies wit me. You got friends for them?


Jay Moo

P to the S.S. - if you want to know how I would read the above letter to Hawaii, click the video below.

10 August 2010

Too Much Fun In One Day

The other day we went back to the Chicago Botanical Gardens - this time with Gram Pam! It was a beautiful Sunday. The first thing we did is have a picnic on the grass, at which point we were swiftly told to stop enjoying our picnic on the garden grounds. Apparently they want you to buy food inside. Sorry dudes, our bad. We hurried and ate behind some bushes and got busy checking out plants! Hooray plants! Flowers galore!

Baby boy was psyched out of his mind. He loves plants!
They really try to include all vegetation in this place, including Lilly pads and their respective flowers.
Mom and son, surrounded by beauty. Do people think we look alike? I do. Which child looks the most like my mom? Some say Michelle, but sometimes I think its me.
I liked this flower because of its trimming. Jagged and colorful.
Max had an obsession with sticking his tongue out that day...it was out for hours. Precious mom and son picture. Do you think Max looks like Caitlin?
Or maybe he looks like me? Actually, right now he looks like a goob with that crazy tongue.
Gram Pam is basically obsessed with Max, he being her only grandchild. He asks, and she gives. They had a great time while she was in town.
What Max loves most of all is a good fountain. If he gets sad or fussy at our house, I just take him to the living room window so he can stare at the fountain in our courtyard. He just loves the sound and visuals of the water.
Seriously, that is what a fountain does to this kid. He like blows up with excitement and happiness.
He also enjoys grabbing anything that has a different texture from what he is used to feeling - like these flowers. Don't tell the botanical gardens that I let my son rip up their flower beds. How could I deny him that joy?
And that was all the dude could stand before he passed out from exhaustion. Too much fun for Francis...er, Max.