26 August 2010

First Things First

Can you tell where we had our first amazing meal in Hawaii??? YOU GOT IT! Costco! Okay, listen. Don't judge lest thee be judged dude. We got off the plane and had to get groceries for our breakfasts and lunches to save dinero and Costco just made sense. And guess what - a wiener and soda is still only $1.50 - even in Maui!
We got to our condo around 6pm in time to relax a bit, check out our place and enjoy a sunset. This is the view out of our pad. Yes, we had ocean view.
Max had had a very long plane ride in which he was a super champ. 6pm was his bed time since it was 11pm in Chicago. So we let him play some on his stomach and then he couldn't take it any more. It was bed time.
He was 100% freaking ready to sleep and then start his first full day in Hawaii. While he slept, I went and picked up more of the crew - Judes, Lynn and Jeff! They got in around 9:30pm.
First step in the morning? Get cheesy t-shirts to wear around and look like tourists. No worries, we were able to find a place in Lahaina (understatement).
Yes, just what we were looking for. Then we went and rented snorkel equipment for the week so we could enjoy all of the awesome fish that Hawaii has to offer. We were sent to Black Rock for our first snorkel and beach experience.
This was Max's reaction to his first experience on the beach. He loved it. More specifically, he LOVES sand. He likes to touch it, swat it and eat it. Whatever access he can get to sand he'll take. We tried to keep him shaded as much as possible, but he ended up with a tan regardless of our efforts.
Oh, and the sand? Deliciously soft and cool.
This is why they call it Black Rock. Tons of people were up there jumping into the water. You can see many people snorkeling below as well. The snorkeling here was actually quite decent and I saw my first eel - red and white striped.
Black Rock is in the K'annapali area of Maui - which is Hawaiian for "tourist craziness". Okay, not really...but this is where most of the awesome Maui hotels are and the beaches ain't shabby either.
It was time for me to take Max into the ocean for the first time. He seemed excited about it, so I made my move.Um, are you guys seeing this water? Max was entranced - so much blue! And it moves and makes sounds! It was like a dream come true.Then it came rushing at us fast and this scared Max quite a bit - he began to cry so I held him tight and let the waves go back out and he calmed down.He put his feet in the water and then would pull them up tight to his butt. He wasn't scared, but it was a new experience and he wasn't sure how he felt about it. After a little bit of letting him try, it was time to bring him back to his beloved sand (and mom).And that made him really, really happy.
We laid around, snorkeled and talked until we all started feeling like Max...Hungry. So we went up to the snack bar.
Potato wedges, scrumptious. Lynn chows down with vigor and intensity.
Then nachos, a Hawaiian original! What is it about paradise that makes me crave Mexican food? Maybe because all my tropical experiences have pretty much been in Spanish speaking countries.
Good conversation was had - but mostly we were just tired and starting to enjoy true relaxation.
And then Max had had enough. It was time to get this kid home so he could party and then sleep.
Here is some water that Max does not fear - a bath in the sink. He loves bath time. This picture kills me. And that was the end of our first full day in Hawaii. We were all completely bushed from the 5-hour time change. We had gotten up at like 5am and it was time to sleep at 8pm. It was a trend that would basically continue for the majority of our vacation. Stay tuned for more.


Heather said...

Our first meal in Maui was at Costco too! Love the new pics of Max. I miss that kid. Oh, and you guys too.

Liz Jessop Wortley said...

Max is SO CUTE and growing up too fast! Looks like you had a fun vacation. And let's be honest--it wouldn't be a vacation without a trip to Costco.

Michelle said...

Hawaii looks amazing! I want to be in that water now. Max in the sink taking a bath? So rediculously cute. I can't believe how big he is. He is learning so much! Can't wait for more pics ;)

Michelle said...
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Jenna said...

okay you captured Max's amazing smile in so many pics. What a handsome little guy.

It hurts my body how bad I want to eat those nachos you photographed. YUM...I must be pregos.

I think getting up early in Hawaii and going to bed early is the best situation. The mornings are so so so beautiful. That happened to us when we took Davis and we enjoyed the mornings so much!!

Killer tourists shirts. :)

Sparklebot said...

I haven't read blogs in about a month ... I didn't even know you guys were going to Hawaii.

Love the pics. Max is super cute. And, if someone was mean about his helmet, I'll punch them too.

Beckie said...

we wont judge about meals at costco/sams club/even McDonalds. Because when you are on the islands you can actually order Island food at those places. I mean poi pies at mc d's or spam with your breakfast. and rice, rice with everything or mac salad....I miss Hawaii!