26 February 2012

Still Playing His Butt Off

Max is still having lots of fun, despite the winter months. Here are some ways he is keeping himself sane:

By becoming the Next American Idol. His magnet toys instantly become a microphone when the situation calls for it.

His homie Josh, laying in to some Michael Jackson.

And Jacob, going double microphone. Intense move dude.

Max takes singing seriously, especially when it comes to twinkle twinkle little star or once there was a snowman.

Max is building lots of towers these days. He likes to build them "soooo high!". This particular tower he called New York City. I guess foggy and his juice live there.

Bath time is still his favorite time, especially with new color dyes to make it green!

Kid couldn't get enough. Classic.

16 February 2012

In and Out of New York

Last weekend I was lucky enough to sneak in a quick business trip out east in CT, which provided me the option of training down and spending a night or two in the NYC (thanks Caitlin)! I hate such short trips cause there are so many people I want to see, and such little time. But I got to hang out with Stephen and a few others over ridiculous meals.

It really kicked off Friday night at Momofuku Noodle Bar with Christine and Ryan. The above picture is of me eating Duck Salad (which was mind blowing, mouth-gasm good). I sent this to Michael just to rile him up. He just loves his ducks.

Feef and I tried to imagine these gigantic bowls of noodles in our belly, but couldn't. Somehow, it all ended up in there though. Thanks to Christine and her extreme passion for the kimchi stew, I left mad satisfied.

Do not mess around with this kimchi. Its hot, in all connotations.

It was great to kick it with by homies C and R. They are married, adorable, and make me laugh til my cheeks hurt. I still miss working with Christine every single day.

Saturday morning, Stephen and I had a special treat lined up. M. Wells, a once über hot now not in operation due to a lease issue, decided to open in another space for one day to sell a crazy brunch of goodness. I got very limited reservations. We got to Long Island City and joined our 80 person line for what would become a 3 hour extravaganza of food.

It started with a pork shoulder pâté, homemade rolls, shrimp fritters with Dijon mustard, and 2 inch thick bacon. Two inch thick people. Bacon never tasted so right.

Then we went south of the border for Huevos Rancheros, with beef, poached eggs, sour cream, beans.

Then we flew to Europe for a breakfast pizza, including ham chunks, poached eggs, artichoke, and I think some heaven was sprinkled in there.

Then we went fast food...with breakfast sandwiches. Pickled green tomatoes, sausage/ham, and some mad crazy good greasy buns. Oh, and egg, of course.

Here is me stuffing more and more food in my face. The DJ in the back spun songs appropriate to each course. My ears like to be in sync with my stomach. Eating at this event felt like we were newcomers to a private neighborhood party. Almost everyone there knew the chefs, lived in LIC, or had a connection to the restaurant. Then there was us.

Veal encrusted breakfast cake thing with pesto sauce and red potatoes inside. This one was a surprise hit for me.

Dessert included cannolis with hazelnut cream and peanut butter and jelly ice cream. At first I was confused at PB&J for breakfast, then I realized it was almost 2pm. Our breakfast started at 10am. Yes, we ate for more than three hours. We walked in a near coma back to the train.

It was a morning of amazing food, great conversation between brothers, and overall warmth and joy. And it wasn't the end...more to come.