31 May 2011

Starting Memorial Weekend the Right Wei

We had a ridiculously fantastic weekend. This Memorial Day weekend Florida really chose to shine (both literally and figuratively). Friday night after work we knew that it was crucial to start the weekend off right, so we packed Max up and headed out doors.He brought Monks with him because he knew that it would be a delicious evening and he didn't want Monks to miss one moment.Our walk to the car always takes a bit longer then it used to because, well, Max finds interesting things to do along the way - like play with cups and walk up and down wheelchair access ramps.But eventually we made it to our Friday night destination - Pei Wei. Now you Utah folk (and probably a lot of people around the country) already have access to Pei Wei...but we just got our first one. I was kind of excited, until I found out about a special feature that I will explain later.My boy Landon and Mels were in da house with Eli (blocked by Landon's hand). They made some solid choices, including the Pad Thai.Britt, Tyler, Owen, Britt's mom and their 10 day old baby Collette were in da house! They had had Pei Wei before, so they weren't fools and went right to ordering their favorite items.We got a vegetarian thai curry thing that was pretty decent.And a chicken pad thai, which I thought was better than decent and Caitlin thought was just okay. Did you know Caitlin doesn't really like to eat Chinese ever since she had that vertigo episode that lasted a few weeks. We had Chinese during that time and it ruined her forever!Max and I pigged out and I taught him how to use chopsticks. Well, maybe I taught him to use his hands.But here is the amazing part! Crazy rare and custom sodas that come out of a digital soda dispenser! Orange Diet Coke! Lime and vanilla Sprite! WHAT WHAT WHAT??? They had like 11 flavors of crystal light! I mean, could there be a place that speaks to my heart more than this?Finally a brand that realizes the power of good soda. I love you Pei Wei - even if your food is just pretty good. Your sodas will get me every freakin' time. What a way to start a weekend!

26 May 2011

Max Has Obsessions

Every kid has obsessions, and Max is no exception.

One is balloons, or boons. We have like five of these around our house at all time. Hot Air Balloons, helium balloons, party balloons...you name it. Last Sunday in church he started chanting BOON over and over like the place was burning down. Turns out there was a balloon up in the rafters of the gym where we were holding Priesthood.

Max is still obsessed with cheerios and going outside. He switched from juice to milk.

He is uber obsessed with his friends. He is always saying Aldo Aldo which is the kid on the left. He also loves Owen, CeeGee, Treasure at the gym, and Eli. He loves to play with kids.

But what he loves more than anything is Baby Einstein. It happened out of nowhere. A friend brought one DVD over with Eli while we tended, and we put it on. Suddenly Max was hooked. It's kind of nice because he has learned all sorts of animal names and vehicle names from them. Now he says airplane, bicycle, wagon, boat, elephant, doggie, hippo, and more. But he begs to watch it all day long. Geez kid, give it a break.

24 May 2011

Emasculating the Enemy

Remember THIS POST???? DO YOU???? You better never forget it.

Well, it has happened again. My bike was stolen again! Can you believe my luck with bikes? If I was a moron and left it unlocked in public, sure, I'd blame myself. But this time it was locked up well along with Caitlin's bike on the 3rd floor of our access only parking garage. You have to have a special fob to get in there. Anyway, someone must have got in and they cut our lock. We are thinking it was a one man job because they took my bike but left Caitlin's unlocked. We also found two other bikes with their locks cut but the bikes still there. I'm thinking this person planned on coming back to pick up the other ones. We know it happened yesterday because we took the bikes out on Saturday.

Grr. Is there a prayer or scripture I can read that emasculates the culprit? Not very Christlike, but the scriptures have been known to indulge in some classy revenge from time to time, right?

23 May 2011

Please Let Me Be This Sexy When I'm Old

This sign is by far my favorite sign in all of South Florida. This man exudes confidence, classiness, and "do me" appeal. I hope to look this good on shag when I'm 60.

Don Bailey you are a example to us all.

18 May 2011

Watch Your Bleepin Mouth Around My Bleepin Kid!

My understanding is that there comes a time in every parents life that they realize they have to start watching their language. Words like crap, shiz, idiot, douchebag, and probably a million other words o say just won't fly around a kid who is talking. Caitlin has been warning me that that time is soon and that I should start working on censoring myself a bit.

Well, apparently that time is upon us...

YouTube Video

Those are pretty much all words he was copying or trying to copy on the fly. The poor kid is doomed with me as his dad.

17 May 2011

Like a Mormon, I'm On a Mission

Every year that a new Beastie Boys album comes out is a special year for me. I really thought 2009 was going to be that year. Not only was their new album Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 coming out during my birthday week, but I had tickets to see them for the first time in both Chicago AND Los Angeles. Then the cancer announcement came out and for a year it seemed all was lost. Album release? Cancelled. Concert tour? Cancelled. Devastation? Yes.

But I can always trust Ad Rock, Mike D and MCA to bounce back, and they really did. They released the album, now entitled part two for reasons unknown, and I hope a tour will happen in the next two years. While this is not my favorite BBoys album of all time (can anything ever touch Paul's Boutique?) it is certainly a great CD. For Beastie Boy lovers like myself, it is just another precious gift. I think Pitchfork gave it a respectable and fair review...but can I just say that I love to listen to Nonstop Disco Power-pack, Make Some Noise, and Too Many Rappers? Mmm, delicious.

When pondering what I love about the Beastie Boys I discover that it is the pure childishness of their approach. Here are a group of dudes that like making the music they like to make, and in a way that makes them happy. I really don't think they aim to please anyone but themselves. If you have been a long time fan, then you are in on the joke. If not, you probably won't get it. For example is their new video, Fight For Your Right (Revisited)...available for free on Hulu! That thing is chockfull of old school Beastie Boys references and inside jokes. If you don't get them, then it is just a okay funny video with a few great moments. But when
Caitlin came in the room to me watching it, she said my face was "beaming.". Yes, it's a great year for music.

15 May 2011

Twinners or the Milk Man's Kid?

Here is Max with a cheerio stuck to his face.

Sometimes (okay, most of the time) people say Max looks just like me his dad. "Besides the blonde hair he is an exact replica!". I don't know...do you think it is true? I mean, I definitely see it in some elements, but honestly I don't think he looks that much like me. Let's compare.

Here I am with a sock over my hand due to a burn from some grandparental negligence. I think the chin and cheeks region is pretty similar.

And this is my Baby Calvin Klein model photo.

This is max again. So...is this kid a replica of his dad? Tough call...

11 May 2011

Return of Ron and Hez

Last year we celebrated a very special person's birthday. That very special (interpret how you desire) person's name is Ron, aka Chris.

This is what he looked like only a year ago, before he and wife Hez moved to LA. And guess what...here he is celebrating his birthday a year later in Florida!!!

Very little has changed except maybe the quality of the photo. Yes, the Wards happened to be passing through Fort Lauderdale on their way to a 7 day cruise with Chris's family. We took advantage of the precious hours they had available for us and went to Dona Raquel!

This was the first time that we all got laid at Dona...enhancing our experience. We decided that the best birthday present Chris could receive would be one that brings added value to his cruise!

So they got Bingo and balls and water toys and candies! Everything from the dollar store, which is Chris's favorite store on earth. I hope they are having the time of their lives out on the boat and we were so grateful for all the time they had to spend with us. We knew it was time for the party to end when Max fell asleep riding on my shoulders. Turns out he was about to get really sick, poor guy. Great seeing you Ron and Hez!

10 May 2011

Beach n Bike Bums

Saturday was an insanely gorgeous day. It was one of those days that you dream about when you are fantasizing about being on a tropical beach and not at your depressing, mind-numbing cubicle. Well, this wasn't a dream it was reality!

So we hitched up the bikes and took our Saturday booties down to Hollywood Beach to cruise the boardwalk.

Landon and Mel were there for this celebration of life and freedom, as was my dawg Eli (in his trailer). We had never been down to this beach and turns out it is way better than Fort Lauderdale beach. The boardwalk is quainter and more chill, the beach is gorgeous with less skanks. It's just nice.

Max was also ready in his BMW of trailers...the Chariot. Notice he has some of the finer things: plastic tupperware, fig nutons, and a necklace.

And it really was an amazing day. We were in the ocean for a long time and Max was loving the ocean for the first time. Probably because it was relatively shallow. It was the perfect way to spend Saturday afternoon...and I got my first sunburn!

It all ended with $1.50 ice creams. This is the life I was meant to live. The lazy, indulgent one.

05 May 2011

Baby Side of Mulcock?

Everyone says that Max is EXACTLY like his dad (me), and in many ways I think that is true. But there is one way that he is not like his dad. Max is a downright, crazy, ridiculous picky eater. Unlike this side of Mulcock, the baby side of Mulcock only likes peanut butter, veggie straws, an occasional vanilla custard...and that is about it. It isn't so much about the few things he eats, but also the limited quantity he eats. Some days he literally only drinks juice and has a few cheerios. There is nothing you can do to get this kid to eat. I don't know if it is because he is too busy to eat and doesn't want to stop playing for food or it simply is because he isn't hungry and has no interest. All I know is that he doesn't like to eat.
But he does like to get messy, so that's cool.

Stuffin' My Fat Face

"Happy Easter," I said as I woke up to another beautiful Savannah morning. The weather had been stunning, and Easter looked to be no exception. We took it chill getting ready because we really had no concrete plans until lunch. We started with breakfast.

It was a B&B after all, right? Eggs Benedict!

The cook (and owner and hostess and etc) did an amazing job. It was scrump diddly. Caitlin was just overjoyed to see it without glasses or contacts thanks to her LASIK surgery just three days earlier. That alone put a smile on her face all weekend.

Then we went out for a leisurely stroll in the streets. People said happy Easter to us everywhere we went and as they came and went to church. It almost made us feel like we went to church...

It was so quiet and peaceful out. It was a great time to talk and take advantage of some uninterrupted conversation without Max.

But after a while we only wanted one thing...Lady and Sons. I had fortuitously made reservations months in advance for Sunday brunch at Paula Deans southern restaurant. On Sunday they have an all you can eat southern food buffet. Yeah, thus the line.

This brought forth the resurrection of my hunger!!! Creamed corn??? Collard greens with so much butter it's like they were squozen straight from an udder??? MAC AND CHEESE!

If you touch my food, I will send you to your maker!

Does Caitlin like yams and mashed potatoes and everything else? Oh yes she does. Well, not the ham though. I liked the ham but I loved the fried chicken. That was the money meat of the meal.

Jeff round two.

WHAT? Jeff round three. I don't have a picture of dessert...that's cause I could barely lift my arms over and around my stomach.

And then we had to say farewell to Savannah. Our precious baby boy was waiting for our return...as was Pam. We had begun to miss him fiercely. Though, come to find out, he didn't miss us too much. He had waaaaaaay to much fun with grandma. They pooled, they played, they partied and he got everything he wanted all the time. Who needs parents?

Thanks mom for giving us a fantastic weekend away together. You are loved.

04 May 2011

Savannah and it's Resurrection Fern on Easter Weekend

After our night of travel we got some solid rest (let me remind you...no Max) and we were ready for a jam packed day of Savannah tourism. First stop, the Inn at 909 Lincoln! This was a great bed & breakfast just outside the main historic district and right next to Forsyth park.

It is a gorgeous 3-bedroom inn with all your essential quaintness and cuteness:

Old fashioned dinner table on dark wooden floors.

Ornate sitting room with antique couches coming out the ying yang.

Oversized king canopy bed and thick draperies.

And finally, the precious tub. Fantastic. This place was dope.

Then we were out to explore our neighborhood, starting with Forsyth park. One element of charm to Savannah is the thousands of live oak trees covered with moss (we later found out it is not moss, but a separate plant that happens to perfer live oak to grow on). It makes it feel like the town has been preserved untouched for ages.

The town does a good job of enforcing that preservation, with many laws that prohibit changing the style of homes and look over any modifications made to the plazas or home fronts.

And with good reason...the towns 22 plazas hold great US history. They are a big part of what makes Savannah so amazing.

Caitlin looks extra beautiful to me in Savannah. I think she would make a hot southern bell. Yep, I am positive of this.

And the homes are unreal. Let's just be upfront about that. Gorgeous historic homes everywhere you turn.

We found an organic grocer near the park where we could buy some lunch. Caitlin mulled over the decision of which delicious and healthy sandwiches we would have.

Success! Obviously we would choose one with baked cheese! The sandwiches gave us the energy we needed to power through our next activity...a historic city tour.

Our tour guide was born and raised in Savannah and had been a guide for like 25 years. His love for the town was evident, as was his desire to keep it exactly the way it was when he was a child.

He pointed out on this mural how the city had originally been laid out in the 1700's. It was a walled community on the river. It really has not changed much in layout since that time.

He was great about pointing out unique elements that I think other tour guides might miss...like these fun rain gutter spouts.

An interesting thing in Savannah is that many of the homes had been expanded in the late 1800's, but due to structural issues nothing could be added on top...so instead they lifted the houses and built under them.

Brick is new, the top is old. Awesome, right?

We decided that Devin should buy and run this pharmacy.

You are probably wondering why this post has gone so long without discussing treats. Sorry! We got ice cream after our tour...

...and then real dark chocolate peanut butter cups with PB that oozed out it's edges like guts from a squashed beetle.

And bags of salt water taffy which are always to Caitlin's liking.

We visited a not very touristy area where students of the savannah college of art and design go to eat and generally get plastered. It was beautiful in the day time. When we passed later that night it was the scene of much whoring and debauchery. I didn't know that women wear Easter bunny ears and lingerie to celebrate the resurrection...but they do.

Speaking of Easter, this bunny caught Caitlin's attention and lured her in...

It was a fabric store and Caitlin can not pass up a cute fabric store.

Especially if they have banners in the windows that she has been dying to make! We ended up with several fun patterns and some food recommendations for the rest of our night. With that we headed back to rest for thirty minutes before the main event.

Yessiree. We had tickets to Iron & Wine. This is me tickling Mr. Beams beard in anticipation. The concert was a sit down concert in a big theater in town. I had procured wonderful seats for the evening...6th row and center.

I'm not sure why this picture looks like we are so far away because I could see the whites of this man's eyes. The show was without doubt amazing, inspiring, invigorating and surprising all at once. He played every song with a 10 piece band and all songs had been rearranged, almost to the point of disguise. Each felt interesting and perfect for the venue. Many of the songs were old ones, which I prefer...and yet they were made new in the style of Kiss Each Other Clean or Shepherds Dog. Caitlin was besides herself...she may have called it the best concert she has ever been to. It was unspeakably delicious and by the last song Caitlin and I were on our feet, bringing smiles to the band and the rest of the audience on their feet as well. Chilling. And for the first time in a long time, the audience earned their encore.