27 September 2011

Food in Da Belly

I just drove from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago. I had been excited about this drive from the day I arrived in Florida. I LOVE driving. I love to see America and listen to music and think. It is probably the most relaxing activity I can think of, especially when I am alone or just with Caitlin (sorry Max...you make driving less fun for now).

Another thing i love is eating what I want, where I want, when I want. Here is a snapshot of the last few days in the world of my stomach.

Jacksonville, FL: Clark's Fish Camp. Flounder stuffed with scallops and cheese and shrimp.

Hush Puppies!

Cole slaw, crab cakes and creamed peas. Bye bye south.

Ashburn, GA: Waffle House

Sunny side up eggs and hash browns and toast.

One delicious waffle at affordable prices!

Everywhere, America: about 370oz of Mountain Dew and peanut butter M&Ms.

Chattanooga, TN: hot tamales that will blow your mind at Champy's Famous Fried Chicken.

Hot tamale with Cole slaw and hot sauce. I won't ever eat a hot tamale without Cole slaw again.

Tennessee hot sauce in Tennessee. Why not?

Huge fried chicken breast with a ton of meat...on bread.

Break: Ale 8 soda in Kentucky.

Lexington, KY: buffalo chicken pizza at Mellow Mushroom.

Lexington, KY: crawfish étouffée on rice!

Somewhere near Indianapolis: Red Robin. Never gets old.

20 September 2011

How We Do at Dama's House

After some awesome days at Nana's house, it was time to drive to Boise to spend the week with Dama and Papa D and Mikey and Beeps and Bodge and Feef. Dama had purchased many fun toys for Max to enjoy so that her house would be a wonderland of fun. This included big trucks, little trucks, bath toys, books, and other games. All of them were warmly accepted by Max. We spent many hour outside filling up these little trucks with Ro-Ros.You can never have enough Ro-Ros in trucks, can you?We also kicked it in the big chair eating hot dogs while watching Elmo on Papa D's Apple TV. Man life is good when you have instant Elmo Youtube videos on your TV.Max's biggest interest while at home was Limon. He kept saying, "Bird...Mon" and then going and trying to get him to come out of his cage. He'd beg him using little plastic balls and raisins and was occasionally successful. Even after getting bit once he's still try and touch Limon. They ecame close friends I feel.Another one of his best friends was Bodge. He loves Bodge. They would play with Wall-Reese and boonyas and other toys together until mom and dad would come save Bodge.This is our white trash night. Why do I have Max in just a diaper at a restaurant? Well, because he peed through his diaper all over his shorts right before leaving to the restaurant. I tried to try them off by hanging them out the window while we drove, for which I got mocked by passing cars more than once. When they weren't dry I gave up and just brough him in pantless. "No shoes, no shirt, no service?" There ain't nothing in there about pants sucka! Max got to eat so many things no baby should be allowed to eat on this trip...including tater tots and ice cream for their dinner. But vacation rules, right?

Okay, I'll quit stalling...next will be the wedding. I promise.

16 September 2011

And Best Idaho State Fair Award Goes To...

On our way back to Boise we stopped at the Eastern Idaho Fair. I had heard ENDLESS stories about how the EIF was THE BEST FAIR EVER on the PLANET and that is SMASHED the Western Idaho Fair. Seriously, I think I have heard about how awesome the EIF was from my in-laws at least 20 times since joining the family. I was always skeptical...so far Boise had proven to be better than anything East Idaho. Why stop now? Well, here is the rundown:
1. Rides: A Tie. While the WIF may have a few more, they both have the essentials, including The Zipper. So they tie.
2. Livestock: A Tie again. Both have about the same amount and the same animals.
3. Local art/crafts/etc: Another tie. A ton of mediocre art and crafts everywhere you look winning awards.
4. Food: Clearly the EIF is the winner here. Way more food and local booths, not the standard fair crap you see at the WIF. Amazing food.
5. Entertainment: The WIF wins here...but who really goes for entertainment? Not me. Unless the Beastie Boys are playing the fair, I could care less.

So in the end the EIF wins, mostly based on food. Also, it has a more local feel than the WIF. I like that local vibe...its what fairs should be all about. So you win Judes and Lynn. You win.
This is the first thing we found at the fair...and you know Max spent hours in this kids land of cars. He was in heaven. Best fair ever!I mentioned the food. Well, I got me a fresh prime rib sandwich from Doug's Meats in Shelley, Idaho. Unreal and delicious...covered in fat and juice and wow.Other delicious possibilities.A place that sells bread...you see what I'm saying about more local food options?Max had been begging all morning for some "frensh fries", so he got them and loved them. Jonathon got one of those glazed donut burgers. I think it did a major number on his stomach...but it was worth it in the moment.All the delicious sugar and fat and salt can sometimes make kids go Coo Coo!Kristin shows off the gigantic slab of meat she was consuming off the bone. Then it was time to see livestock! This was another reason for coming to the fair because Max is obsessed with animals right now. It was as expected...he was transfixed, hypnotized, enthralled (you get it) with all the animals.He got to pet bunnies!Little Ryan was just happy when someone gave him some attention, especially attention from his dad. Real cute kid.Butts. Max kept saying "mooooo" to the cows. He wanted to talk to them so bad.Hello sheep...my name is Max. Will you let me pet you? I so very much want to.Hello goat...you kind of scare me with your horns. Enough animals, it was RIDE TIME! The rest of the cousins had been eagerly awaiting their turn on the rides.Abigale, Lidia and Ben went on the boats...Max freaked out and we had to take him off. Sorry kid, just not ready for that one I guess.But he was ready to go on the "big cars" with his dad, which he loved.I'm not kidding, he loved. "More big car?" he questioned when I took him away. I guess he doesn't understand how expensive those ride tickets are.

Well EIF...you are something special. I will visit you again and proclaim your glory to others (but not with as much vigor as some other people I know)

15 September 2011

Say Cheese

What started as a quick family photo with the Tanners during our visit to Victor morphed into something crazy...crazy awesome. Here is the results of the madness that took place. I must warn you, some of these pictures turned out good...especially anything with Caitlin in it.
All in all, not a bad photo shoot. Those pictures of my man boobs and balding could probably use some Photoshop though.