14 September 2011

Victor was SICKtor (that's a good thing)

Max...you precious little darling boy. So innocent, so precious - SO obsessed with bikes. While my time in Victor was short (only Sunday really), about 80% of it was spent with Max in this exact place - the garage sitting on big bikes. You'll notice he is in his pajamas. The second I came downstairs with him to get milk, he shouted, "BIG BIKES" and pointed at the garage. That is where we stayed for a long, long time. It was fine by me...it brings me joy to watch him be so passionate about one thing.So in celebration of Big Bikes, we decided to go on a family bike/walk around the neighborhood. While we only went a few blocks, some were prepared with Camelbacks just in case we got lost or stranded or attacked by a bear.Max and his little homie Ryan in the stroller. Max doesn't make it very long in the stroller any more...he wants to be on his feet.Precious family members enjoying a chance to talk while the kids busy themselves with biking.Here is the Victor neighborhood - quite beautiful if you ask me. When we got home we did more of, you guessed it, BIG BIKES! I spent a solid 2-3 hours with Max repeating the same thing over and over. We would start up in the garage on our respective bikes (Max had a bigger one than me) and then we'd peddle them down the driveway until we landed in the grass. Please note that Max would always have the helmet hanging from the handlebars. If it fell off, he would immediately replace it where it belonged. Hilarious.The end of our track, with Max replacing the helmet back on the handlebars.The older cousins are really starting to play together and have lots of fun. Its cute to see them interact and play games.Max is still working on playing. He loves other kids, but he doesn't necessarily play. His biggest love/hate relationship is with his closest cousin Will. They will hug one minute and then fight over a toy the next. Case in point - Max decides to chill in Ryan's little bouncy seat. A cute moment so I get out the camera.Will decides he wants in on that (who wouldn't) so he plops down there with Max, who immediately tries to push him out.Unsuccessful. Max, you still haven't learned lesson number one about life as my son. Rule #1: Almost 90% of kids will be bigger and stronger than you. Don't get into fights.Kristin cooked us all a "last day in Victor" meal of amazingness - Thai noodles and summer rolls.It was basically amazing and I ate like 9 of these summer rolls. It helps to have a woman who lived in Asia for like 8 years behind the stove.Brady, Kristin and Will. Some great peeps.Jonathon and Carley - great peeps and clowns.

I can't tell you how much I have to report about this this trip. Let's keep this thing going and see how long it lasts.

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nensaburger said...

your kid is like 100 years old now