26 May 2009

Rock Lobster - Karaoke Style!

A few weeks ago Caitlin and I threw a party. Several years ago I had been instructed in the sweet ways of Xtreme Karaoke by Smash, and I took a liking to the practice. Xtreme Karaoke is similar to karaoke, except you are singing while you have your iPod on. This means that the audience can only hear your voice, not the music. It is great because it leads to high levels of shame, particularly for those who easily feel shame (aka, not myself). For years I have wanted to have an Xtreme Karaoke couples duel - and I finally got my chance.
While I do not have video posted today, I will be posting select moments from the performances once the quarter is over...its finals weeks people!First up was Jelly and Kim. You would think they were performing Sabatoge by Beastie Boys because of his mustache...but really they are working Copacabana by Barry Manilow.Next up was Lauren and Jason with Don't Go Breakin' My Heart by Elton John and RuPaul. These guys get the best effort award because I don't think either one of them was terribly excited about this event, but they came and did it anyway to show me some support. Additionally, they brought ridiculously good treats with them. Bravo.Next up - Alissa and Matt. I'll be honest, I still don't know what song they sang...but these guys put in some serious practice time to plan out a very theatrical piece. It included paddling as seen above. Using kazoos.And confessions of love.Up next - Mulcocks. I think the picture above says everything about our performance. It screams energy. It screams amazing costumes. It screams shoulder pads and Jeff's nipples. We performed Girl You Know Its True by Milli Vanilli. We did extensive research through music videos and live performances on stage to mimic some of their most classic moves.Jumping in place.Side swaying with the look.And the power ending (please note Caitlin's microphone power punch to the sky!)You may be wondering - who is this goof all alone without a partner. You are wrong - he brought his wife.See - there she is. Chris performed the Elephant Medley from Moulin Rouge - both parts - all by himself. Heather had some friends come into the airport last minute, but Chris never drops an opportunity to prove his musical prowess. "WE CAN BE HEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES!!!!" Hahaha, classic.While Don and Liz were both pretty sick, they still showed up to perform Stick Shifts and Safety Belts by Cake. If you'll notice, they used visual aids by playing Cars on the big screen. That gave it an extra touch of love.Patrick's duo buddy bailed on him last minute, but he still came and selected a song off the iPod. He'll have to remind me in the comments, but I can't remember the name of the song. It was passionate and about love making, I do remember that. It gave him ample opportunities to wink and make suggestive smiles. I was kind of hoping for some butt slaps in there, but not this time.Finally - Geoff and Erin. These guys took home the grand prize. Lest you forgot, this was a competition and at the end ballots were cast. There was no question that they would go home victorious after an astounding performance of Rock Lobster by the B52's. Elements from the music video were executed with precision. Sometimes taking a risk is dangerous, but in this situation it paid off big time. Rock Lobster was no easy performance, but it was done perfectly here. MORE COWBELL!
While some people wouldn't let me video their performances, I hope to have what I have available in about 2 weeks. It was a momentous night, full of thrills and chills. I wish you could have been there...if anything to see me jumping around in a cut-off T. That would have been your lucky day.

21 May 2009

News Travels Fast

About an hour and 15 minutes ago - Nats brought MSmat's 3rd baby to life. Check it out - Lucy Jane Smith in da house.

15 May 2009

The Appetizer

A blog post is coming - and this picture is a little appetizer. Enjoy. I am excited to post it.

12 May 2009

We Celebrate You Chris.

Caitlin and I went up to that terrifyingly relaxing place we like to call Lake Geneva a while back. Lest ye think that we just lay around relaxing all the time in posh places like the LG, please note that we went with a purpose...and that purpose was not sleep. It was crazy, mad celebration goals that would be accomplished this particular weekend. And accomplished they were.
Chris, we celebrate you and your birthday. We celebrate that you have aged to a ridiculous level. We celebrate the contributions you have made to the world through your PR efforts and branded wear usage. We celebrate the fact that your family owns a pimp pad up at the lake. All things celibatory really. Wait, celebratory.We celebrate that you had a ridiculously cool cake shaped like an xbox.We celebrate the GIGANTIC dinner that was had, prepared by such skilled people as your brother, your wife, and your friends. I personally celebrated a freakin' huge steak, some chicken, and salmon. I celebrated them all with veggies, corn on the cob, and root beer.I celebrate that you let us bring women, one of which was my wife. Both genders were invited to this celebration.I celebrate that Ryan gave you a bag of Depends to celebrate your aging. I celebrate that you didn't want to put them on - so you let me put a pair on. I celebrate that you all convinced me to just put them over my pants instead of letting me put them on sans pants like I wanted to.
We celebrate our tender walk through town, a really laborious game of Risk, and some Halo 1 (seriously - we played HALO 1!). We celebrated all this by giving you an snow cone maker. I celebrate you Chris...and I celebrate you good.
Also - we celebrate that tomorrow is your woman's birthday. We celebrate YOU Heather...but tomorrow (and Thursday).

09 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This year Jeff and I will be celebrating Mother's Day apart from each other. Sad story right? The good news is that Jeff and I will both be spending this day with our respective mothers. That's right, Jeff is with Pam in Kentucky and Judes is on her way to Chicago as we speak. Let me explain further. We originally planned to both celebrate this weekend in Kentucky with Jeff's family. This is a big weekend in the Mulcock family. Pam graduated this past week with her Masters Degree in Nursing + Mother's Day. Michelle also will be graduating this weekend from Dental Hygiene School + it's her Birthday! Not to mention Big D will also be there and it was his birthday not too long ago. So basically what I'm saying is these people deserve to be celebrated in a big way! While I was unable to make the trip to Kentucky due to my current ailment, I sent Jeffrey armed with lots of presents and love to share.

Now Jeffrey couldn't leave me behind without a plan for someone to take care of me. So what did he do? He tricked his mother-in-law to come stay with his sickly wife and provide all of the TLC that only she knows how to provide. Luckily my mom has been wanting an excuse to come out to Chicago to visit so she agreed willingly and even agreed to bring my sewing machine! YAY! So yesterday we booked her flight and hopefully she'll be here in a few hours. Judes is a real trooper. She woke up this morning at 4am in order to make a 5am shuttle that would take her to SLC by 8am. She has a layover in Phoenix and will hopefully make it to my apartment around 6pm tonight. Thanks Mom! I will try to make your mother's day as special as I can...even if I am in bed the entire day! I hope everyone has a lovely Mother's day!

06 May 2009

Pamsky Graduates - Again, and Again, and Again

This is Pamsky. She is wearing a gown - but not just because she dug up her high school graduation gown. It isn't even because she dug up here graduation gown from college back in the '90s. Pamsky, yet again, has become more educated and graduated with a Masters last Saturday.
Stephoin and Big D were there to celebrate and honor her. I am so proud of my mom for working so hard. She is one of the few people I know who can't stand just knowing what they know. She is always reading, always learning, and always encouraging us to talk about new things and learn new things. I'm a little ticked that both Stephen and mom beat me to a Masters, but whatever. You rule mom. Congrats.
We are going down to Lexington next weekend to celebrate Beefsquee's graduation from her dental hygiene program. Lots of graduations going on right now. People are so smart. To bad there are no jobs to give them, but that is a different story.

05 May 2009

Bed time

Since I am spending a lot of time in bed these days and not working, I figured I could go ahead and pick up the slack on this blog considering this might be the third post I have written. Sometimes I'll look at the blog and see that Jeff hasn't written in awhile and think why is Jeff slacking on the blog? Today I realized that since this is supposed to be "our" blog I could probably contribute more myself.

So back to the reason why I'm in bed and not working........

Labyrinth. I love the movie so much that I can't leave my bed because all I want to do is watch Jareth the Goblin King..... or this image of Davie Bowie was the first thing I thought of when my doctor told me that I have Labyrinthitis. Of course Jeff immediately thought that Labyrinthitis would be a cool name for a horror movie. Labyrinthitis, I learned, is a balance disorder that is causing me to feel crazy dizzy whenever I move and if I try to walk I feel like I'm about to fall over. This is also accompanied with nausea. Hence, I'm laying in bed and trying to take it as easy as possible. For someone who hates not being able to move or be productive this has been loads of fun. Now I'm trying to come up with productive things I can do from my bed that don't require any movement. Who knows, maybe I'll get on Netflix and see if Labyrinth is available to watch on my computer.

01 May 2009

Whatever - I blow

Seriously - could I be a worse blogger? Has my 4-year blogging history come to an end?

No. No it hasn't. But it certainly has seen a stall over the past week or two.