25 February 2009

The Main Dish

The main dish of our weekend in Lake Geneva involved its annual ice sculpting competition. What made this year unique is that it was like 60 degrees that day - causing massive havoc on the final day of the competition. It is in this situation that we arrived.
We were not the only people there. Massive crowds had shown up for the judging. But what would they judge?TurtlesCooking pigs.Mad hatters.Slothful horses.TransformersAnd the winner - dragon breathing fire. Don struggled to capture the awesomeness because by the time of our arrival, many of the sculptures were completely falling apart. Any sculpture with thinness was immediately destroyed by the heat. Only the most sturdy stood strong - but still with depleted features and details. Regardless, it was pretty awesome to check out the work and see how gigantic cylinders of ice had turned into these sculptures.
It was a family event, and inside the boathouse this guy was teaching kids how to shake their money maker. That is an education children need in this down economy.
We then moved on to the next big event - kite flying on the frozen lake.This was an uncertain endeavor in that much of the ice was beginning to melt...but we figured there were still cars out on the lake, so we went with our gut instincts.I bravely walked out to test the ice. Success.Don and I walked further. On our way we realized that we could see through the ice to the water...which was a little disconcerting. But if this car didn't break the ice, either would our fat butts.Caitlin wasn't that concerned...I'm sure I needed a cold bath anyway. Regardless, we were able to get out Don's kite and take flight on this amazingly windy day.Don's kite is awesome. It is one of those trick kites that are wicked fun to fly. It was so windy that day that it took a lot of effort to not get worked by the kite.Seriously - it was massively strong wind. Watch below as Don WORKS that wind.

Because of my extreme lightness - I suffered under the brutal hand of the wind. It would nearly knock me down and drug me across the ice up to 15 feet. Check it.Liz caught me one-leggin' it as I was drug across the ice - but somehow I was able to regain control and resist my ultimate doom. Check the video below (sorry it is lopsided).

So, basically, Lake Geneva was awesome. It is a land where anything goes and honestly, not all the excitement was reported. Some things that happen in Lake Geneva, stay in Lake Geneva.

20 February 2009

Sides Before The Main Lake Geneva Dish

Jaymoo kicked it in Lake Geneva.Cait-Moo kicked it in Lake Geneva. Or C-Cat. Or Skates. Whatever you want to call her, as long as it is nice.
El-Wo kicked it in Lake Geneva.
Even D-Wo was kickin' it in Lake Geneva. Apparently, Lake Geneva was the place to be two weekends ago. Caitlin, who is all knowing and all amazing in her gifting, gave me a trip to Lake Geneva for Christmas. She devised a plan that joined forces with the Wo's where we would go to a main event that was happening up there. I will explain the main event in the next blog - but today I would like to concentrate on the side events. Sometimes the side events are the real reason for the season, you know?
First side event - go to the outlets up in Wisconsin. Amazing shops and lower sales tax. North Face was having a ridiculous sale on sleeping bags so Caitlin and I partook. D-Wo? He just wanted to go to the Bath and Body Works Outlet - he loves delicious scents. See his huge bag of purchase?Another side of the trip was our addiction to Culvers. I happened upon Culvers with our family last Thanksgiving. We went on Friday night on our way to L.G., and we found it to our liking. We went again the following night for dinner. But look at those chili-cheese fries!
Did you know El-Wo is addicted to Heinz ketchup? SHE IS CRAZY FOR IT. She will bring bottles of it to a dinner at your house if she thinks you are white trash and won't have this name brand in your home.Swimming - also a huge side activity that I was particularly excited about. I wandered around the hotel in my eurotrash swim suit until everyone agreed to go with me. They had a hot tub!Another important side activity was for Caitlin to find 3 pairs of new boots for her Valentines Day gift. Let's just say she was EXTREMELY successful. I couldn't help but check them out from behind. Nice boots woman. Nice indeed.While we were in Wisconsin, we still had to keep Chicago in our hearts by eating Chicago pizza. This place won some deep dish competition in Italy. It was way crazy good - and they had whole wheat crust available!Fireworks in February? Whatever. We heard they would exist, so we went to check them out. While it was no 4th of July, it was fireworks in the middle of nowhere, so that was awesome. Plus, it kind of started another side activity that ended up consuming a lot of our energies.That side activity was photography jumping. While watching the fireworks, we decided it would be fun to act like fireworks and EXPLODE in action for the camera. This was our first attempt. Many attempts over the next two days, including the following (prepare yourself):Indoor explosions in eurotrash swim suit.Seriously, this went on, and on, and on, and on.Watching movies in the evening (post the hot tub) was a crucial way to wind down after all that jumping.Finally, and I would maybe argue this was actually the main event, we strengthened the bonds of love. We did so through more Culvers - and cheap flowers - and affection. One could even argue that Lake Geneva is a fertile ground for love building. Thank you Lake Geneva - our marriage is stronger because of you.
Soon we will divulge the real reason we went to Lake Geneva...but these were some pretty good reasons for any vacation.

19 February 2009

Lost, But Following The Bread Crumbs to Happiness

I know - my blogging has been very sub-par lately. I don't do it often, and when I do, there are very few pictures and such. Well - school is busy what can I say? But I promise a triumphant return, possibly when this quarter is over. I will tell you all about our trip to Lake Geneva - which was awesome.
But for now, I got dessert pics! As you may or may not know - Caitlin and I are addicted to Lost. It is so yummy. We found out that my schoolmate Patrick is also addicted to Lost. Patrick has become increasingly intrigued by our Mormony ways and all the constant wholesome activities that we are doing. He suggested we combine wholesomeness and a love for Lost into a DESSERT POTLUCK LOST VIEWING NIGHT! Sometimes I wonder if Patrick is Mormon and just fooling us.....
Caitlin made cherry bars covered in gooey frosting and doughy scrumptiousness.
Don and Liz made an island to represent the Lost island. It was green and brown, like an island, but inside was angel foodcake and delicious creams. It was fantabulous.Finally, Patrick made homemade cream puffs with this crazy rad sugar drizzle manizzle. It had a legit French name like deux man gnosh or something like that - but I like to call it crystal drizzle manizzle. I was extremely impressed by his culinary skills.
Lost itself always delivers. While the writing in this episode was below average, the story continues top propel me forward with intrigue. What happened to Aaron? How did Said and Hurly end up on the plane? WHAT THE FREAK IS GOING ON??? Only time will tell...

13 February 2009

Can I Get That With a Side of Birthday?

This is my mom, Pamski. Today is her birthday. In a way (possibly a cheesy way), I feel like Pamski actually gets a little bit younger every time her birthday comes around. In the last few years she has gotten smarter, funnier, and skinnier. I'm not kidding. Additionally, she started listening to Daft Punk and driving a pimped out cherry black SUV. She wears leather jackets and bigger bling. She is writing a freakin' dissertation right now and teaching on the university level. She is the loving care taker of my favorite bird AND my father. I basically think this woman is the raddest mom on the planet.

Also, how funny is that picture above from Thanksgiving 2007?

Mom, happy birthday. You rule time 1,000,000.

Your son, Jaymoo