09 February 2009

Paul's Boutique

I have to do a quick plug. I received an email recently from Allen. Allen is a friend of the Beastie Boys that you hear on the album Check Your Head, and he emailed me (and everyone who is a member of the Beastie Boys email fan list) to let me know that this is the 20th anniversary of the greatest album ever created by boy or beast (because the Beastie Boys are both) - PAUL'S BOUTIQUE. They are releasing a new remastered version of the album, which is great because while the album is amazing, the sound quality is not very high.

Additionally, they created a pimp website where people are posting stories about how they got to know the album, and pictures of what they looked like around the time the album came out. I have included one of me and Stephoin that I submitted. You can also find audio commentary on how the album was made by the BBoys themselves. I find this all to be very exciting and entertaining.

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Reagan said...

Awesome. My husband, jake, posted about this a week or two ago. You guys should chat bboys sometime We saw them in concert twice in '07 and last spring we saw MCA skateboarding in front of our apt. We stopped what we were doing, looked at eachother and screamed. It was amazing.