13 February 2009

Can I Get That With a Side of Birthday?

This is my mom, Pamski. Today is her birthday. In a way (possibly a cheesy way), I feel like Pamski actually gets a little bit younger every time her birthday comes around. In the last few years she has gotten smarter, funnier, and skinnier. I'm not kidding. Additionally, she started listening to Daft Punk and driving a pimped out cherry black SUV. She wears leather jackets and bigger bling. She is writing a freakin' dissertation right now and teaching on the university level. She is the loving care taker of my favorite bird AND my father. I basically think this woman is the raddest mom on the planet.

Also, how funny is that picture above from Thanksgiving 2007?

Mom, happy birthday. You rule time 1,000,000.

Your son, Jaymoo


Sparklebot said...

Hope you had a great birthday, Pam!

Jon, Liz, Max and Luke said...

Agreed, i love your mom; i need a little more pamski in my life!