28 July 2009

Jump Start The Economy

So in an effort to get the economy going before I graduate in December, I am encouraging everyone to just buy lots of stuff. So far, everyone is helping.

Stephen bought in to an apartment in Brooklyn (and when I say bought in, I mean he is subletting it when his current lease runs out). This is awesome.

Michelle and Devin bought a 2006 Honda Accord yesterday at a dealer. It sounds like a mega rad car and it even has the butt warmer seats for the winter (I BBQ's my A!!!)

Caitlin and I went and bought new cell phones tonight because mine broke and hers was ready for an upgrade. We got some wicked new LG's and we are already loving them. To anyone who texted me in the last week or left a voicemail - I'm sorry. I didn't get any of them until tonight.

What are you buying to help the economy out?

P.S. We also bought a visit to the doctors to hear Poppy's heart beat. The doctor had trouble finding him and said (and I quote): "He must be a boy because he is a little rascal trying to hide from me." I rest my case. This is a medical doctor people. My fetus Poppy is a boy. Bings.

27 July 2009

He's Gonna Be a Baker

Apparently my son is going to be a baker and he already has a line of delicious baked goods called Poppie's Cookies. Well done my entrepreneur-ish little boy!

25 July 2009

Don't Jump!

So, every once in a while I feel some regret about never ascending the Empire State Building to get that awesome view of NYC. I mean, everyone does it - right? I just never had any interest. I had been to a party on the 90th floor of the Trump Tower on the FDR and felt like that satisfied any craving I had to see NYC from above. But still, I occasionally feel like I didn't do something important.
Well, Don won't let me make that mistake in Chicago. He is just not having it. His sister Amanda was in town this weekend, so they were going to the top of the Sears (Willis) Tower to try out the new skybox window thing that everyone has been raving about. He begged us to come, and came we did.
And here is the view from the top looking north as taken by Don's camera. It was incredible. Absolutely worth it. It has a great museum feel up there, but who cares when really you just want to look at all the pretty lights and buildings.The skybox is basically a panel of glass that jets out about 4 feet above the street level on the 103rd floor. You can walk out on the glass to get a view of what is like floating above the ground. It was awesome, and laying down and looking through the glass was extra trippy.It was raining that night, so our plans to get an excellent picture of us standing out on one of the boxes was foiled!But then we switched sides and no rain drops. Thanks Don for making dreams come true...and allowing regrets to die.

23 July 2009

Chicago Is Bigger Than Houston

Caitlin's super buddy Mands and her Boy Toy came into town from Houston of all places (who lives in Houston?) to party with us for the 4th of July. It was our challenge to show them a good time.Well, guess what. They don't have Red Mango or Pinkberry in Houston. Weird, right? So we took them there for a devirginizing experience.Preparations for ecstasy.Ecstasy achieved.As is normal with all vacations and people visiting us - we make them eat way more food than they were hoping for. It is really our excuse to go out for every meal and overeat. They spent a few days checking out the town while we worked during the day, but finally Friday (our day off) came and we hit Lincoln Park Zoo. First, we went to Orange for breakfast.Check out my pancake. I mean, what??? So delicious.I wasn't lying about the zoo...that is a legit giraffe friends.Gazing at precious fishies as they swim in their natural habitat.Our habitat is Chicago, Illinois (as seen from the Hancock Building). That's 90+ stories of awesomeness. Boy Toy and I got some virgin beverages while we soaked up the view and Mands/Caitlin went to H&M to shop for clothes.This makes up for the fact that I never ascended the Empire State Building in NYC.Then we popped down to Taste of Chicago to watch fireworks and eat. This, as it turned out, was kind of a mistake. Apparently the entire city goes to TOC on the night of the fireworks. Caitlin left with the crew to get food and never came back in time for the fireworks because they got stuck in the crowds.Seriously, it was packed...but the view was amazing. I ended up watching most of the fireworks alone until the very end when Caitlin got there.Proof - I was there.
Tender bean shots that are requisite when you hit Millennium Park.Fuzzy ones are also allowed.Mands and Boy Toy join the hall of faces with smiles in tow.The next night was actual 4th of July and Don made a cake for the celebration. It rained all day, so we had a picnic in our apartment.Luckily, the stars came out just in time for the fireworks in Evanston. Considering we had experienced the fireworks all separate the night before, we felt it was necessary to observe more. The fireworks in Evanston ended up being much more impressive than the ones in Chicago. It was also the best fireworks I have seen in terms of matching to the music they were playing. Kudos. Us? We were all crazy up in dat businassss...
I think the hardest part besides Mands and Boy Toy leaving us to return to Houston was living with the fact that we had showed them how amazing a city can be. I know they hold jealousy in their hearts, but they are dealing with it from what I can tell. Sorry guys...hope you come back though soon.

20 July 2009

Let Your Fast Begin Now

I come to you all with terrible, terrible news. If you'd rather just find out the right way, click on the video below. If not, let me just tell you. MCA of the Beastie Boys has cancer. I received an email from MCA this morning alerting me to the attached video. Subsequently, all shows for the summer and fall are cancelled.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a ridiculous fan of the Beastie Boys. Since my youth I have wanted to see them in concert, and I finally had tickets in Chicago on Aug 6th and in Los Angeles in September. They were going to release their new album during my birthday week this year. Then cancer struck. So the shows are cancelled and the album delayed. But none of that matters. All that matters is that MCA's voice (and life) is okay and they can return to the stage next year. I will be waiting, hopefully with tickets and the new CD memorized. I will begin my fast for MCA tomorrow. Do you think it inappropriate to request a ward fast? If so, how about an online request?

I am deeply troubled right now. I need your support.

Tres Dias De Mexico

More adventures had to be had in Mexico, and the next reported adventure was 4 wheelin' in the mountains around Puerto Vallarta. Here the boys eagerly await their shot to ride the beasts.The women folk were also excited, but showed their excitement through cuteness rather than hardcoreness like us.Finally, on our way. We all appreciated the smurf blue bandannas that they gave us.
It was an intense ride. Fortunately I had much training riding friends' four wheelers growing up. Big D's hard core cover shot.Halfway through they took us to a waterfall that they wanted us to pay to go look at and swim around. BWAHAHA - to their dismay we did not bring money with us! SuckaS! But we did take the opportunity to snap a uber-precious photo of the parentals under this tree.The P.V. people love to stop their tours at tequila factories so they can force you to learn how tequila is made and then they sell you some. They weren't expecting us to be all Mormon, so we basically walked out and played with their kitties.Caitlin and I robbed them...possibly of their dignity.Brothers uber-precious shot.Sometimes my camera takes some nice shots, particularly of this butterfly.Four wheelin' makes us sooooooooooooooo sleepy.
On our way back through town we took a picture by the local cathedral. Stephoin and I have a history of taking pictures next to dope cathedrals.
We perused jewelry.
We took candid shots by the ocean. I love how Michael is walking in this picture, not sure why...I just do.
But all good things must come to a close, and the same goes for our trip to Mexico. We had an amazing time, and I was really grateful to have spent so much time with my family considering we won't be able to be with them during the holidays due to Poppy's pending arrival around Christmas. Thanks mom and dad for hooking us up with a massively rad trip.

17 July 2009

1 in 8 my butt

Pepsi Products:

You have that "1 in 8 chance to win a free 20oz" promotion going on, but I don't believe that you are really delivering a 1 in 8 chance. I have have had about 20 Yous in the last few weeks and I haven't won once. Even though Coke products are right there, I've been getting You products because of the promotion (granted, Mountain Dew is one of those products and the Mountain Dew You is a staple in my diet). But I'd rather drink Diet Coke then the Diet You - so cut me some slack and win me a free You sometime soon.

Don't make me immune to your promotions by not delivering the goods.


14 July 2009

El Segundo Post de Mexico

Our next morning's adventure took us out onto the ocean for about 5 hours. We took a boat out to an island called Las Marietas to see some boobies. Blue footed boobies, to be more specific. It would also provide us much joy in terms of snorkeling...and thus our excitement was full.Waking up at 7am on vacation is not fun, unless you are going to do something awesome (which we were).P.S. - Is everyone liking Mike's hair? So rad.The sun was already raging at 8am...this would be our biggest day of burnage on the trip. Caitlin was definitely a sufferer for this day (mostly her bottom lip which got destroyed by sun).In typical tourist fashion, they had cameramen out taking pictures that they would later charge us for...but we still bought in to this one. I mean, Mike is kissing a seal. Additionally, Pamski is making an amazing disgusted face. Anyone who knows the Mulcock's knows our love of birds. Basically, this is a moment of ecstasy for Michael. Just orienting you in terms of Mexico. We are at that big black dot.These are our many boat photos. We were on this boat for about 3 1/2 hours going to our destination and back. It gave us much time to bond, watch dolphins and HUGE manna rays, as well as eat and drink virgin pina coladas. I really enjoyed the boat part of this trip. Finally, we arrived to our snorkeling destination:Las Marietas. The snorkeling was pretty decent, and everyone saw some cool fish. Pamsky and I decided to try a different endeavor - Snooba. This is a cross of scuba diving and snorkeling. You get to use scuba gear and gas, but you can only go 20 feet down. For $20, we decided it was worth it.Pamsky prepared. But in the end, she was frightened. But thanks to the strong, masculine, foreign hands of our guide, she was slowly coaxed into comfort. I instantly was going as far down as I could, often tugging on the chord to let me down lower. I now know that scuba diving is a necessity in my life. Mikey, I am jealous of your certification now more than ever.Big D was happy to snorkel in the ocean blue.Mulcock children have often been confused for fish. Extremely sexy fish.An extremely sexy, but rare, Mulcock fish up close.Later we pulled up to this beach to do some swimming and some very lame sea kayaking. Caitlin and I were the firsts to try the kayaks. It was from that moment that the pictures stopped and the sadness began. The second Caitlin took a step off her kayak into the water, she stepped on a sting ray which stung her something fierce on her foot. She screamed, and then started bawling and dragging herself towards the beach.

At first I was very confused and didn't know what to do. I thought she had stepped on glass or something. Also, I really haven't seen Caitlin cry before...so I was very taken aback. But finally my brain kicked into gear and I helped her get to the beach where she began crying for a very long time (like 15 minutes). We got help, and the guides helped apply some aloe vera type plant to her foot while Caitlin basically toughed it out. It was not a happy time - but I'm happy to say that her foot finally returned to normal several hours later. It was crazy. Stupid sting ray - YOU are on my s*** list.After several meals of Mexican food, it was time for Dominos pizza. Sometimes you just need comfort food.We settled into a nightly gathering of card games and discussion. We aren't really a "clubbin'" family - except for the privacy of our own hotel room. More on Mexico soon!