31 December 2009

M, A, X - MAX!

Well, it is done. After going into labor on Tuesday at 8pm, Caitlin finally delivered precious Baby Max at 10:01am this morning (Thursday, 12/31). She went straight into solid contractions about 5 minutes apart, so around 1am Wednesday morning we called the hospital and they had us come in. After laboring until 6pm on Wednesday and only dilated a centimeter...they made us go home. While that was a little bit disheartening, it ended up helping propel Caitlin into a more progressive labor so that when she about passed out Wednesday night at midnight from exhaustion and we returned to the hospital, she was at a 4 from a 3. She was able to continue from there without being induced and was at 10cm by 6am. Four hours later of pushing, Max came tumbling out. All the things people say about the magic of childbirth are true...including the blood.Here he is about 10:10. His coloration and response was fantastic, and his little cry was so cute.
I called them grandpa hands when I first saw them because they were so wrinkly, but they are so soft and strong. He was blocking the nurses with some swift punches within seconds of birth.
Grandpa Lynn and Grandma Judy popped in to say hello to their new grandson. He showed them the love.
Max was 7lbs, 0 ounces. He hasn't been measure as of yet, but he appeared really long and skinny. Kind of like his dad. There is no clear answer to the color of his hair. Sometimes it looks brown, sometimes blond, sometimes reddish. All are possible.
Caitlin is not starring in any public photos yet, but she is doing fantastic. I'm so proud of her and love her so much for not only the sacrifices she made over the last two days, but over the last 10 months. She is such an amazing trooper. She is in love with her new baby boy. Who wouldn't be? Its MAX - M, A, X...MAX!

29 December 2009

Baby Are You Down Down Down Down Down?

Why Max has not come to me, I cannot say. There is always that chance that I have offended him and he is delaying his delivery as punishment. Could it be that he smells my gas, even in the womb? That would keep anyone from coming out.

Either way, still no signs of my precious baby boy...

Kooks and their Cookies

Back to holiday reporting! While Caitlin went to the gym on Christmas Eve, I worked it hard by starting to make a billion sugar cookies. Clearly, I have my priorities straight. I'll be snookered if a Christmas goes by that I don't get fat on classic family sugar cookies.
Ah yes. Baked and ready to go.
Then we packed up the van (thanks Wards!) and headed to Orange for a little brunch action. We ordered the frushi (fruit sushi) to give it a whirl...it was okay. They should stick to what they do best - which is artery clogging breakfast foods.
The padres patiently await the food goodness. Please note that I have become increasingly unpopular with my family now that I have my new camera. No one wants to look me in the face for fun pictures.
Max is always game for a shot though. We played trivial pursuit while we waited for our food and Lynn and Jeff (brother-in-law Jeff) showed their mental prowess by smoking me in every single questions - over and over and over again.
But it was cool because then I showed them my stomach prowess by consuming four stacks of pancakes covered in different sugary goodnesses. This included egg nog cream, white chocolate with peppermint and Caramel glaze.
The food is so good. Judes had eggs benedict with pesto.
Then we packed up and went over to the Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park (MSI). This is a gigantic submarine indoors. This was probably my favorite part of the museum, learning about this monster.
Lynn, who is a war junky, loved it as well. Jeff and Lynn practiced their submarine controlling skills and proved relatively good.
MSI has funny mirrors! I like Caitlin's pregnant belly in this funny mirror, as well as my legs.
They had cities made of Lego's as well, which was impressive. My favorite was a Frank Lloyd Wright house made out of Lego's. Very detailed, with waterfall and everything.
MSI is known for their impressive Christmas display each year. They have like 60 Christmas trees decorated from around the world. This was the Japanese one, which was my favorite.
More gigantic things indoors!
Caitlin, do you choo choo choose me to be your husband?
And who can resist a chick hatchery? I can't. No I can't. I made the family go through the entire genetics section so I could look at the cute chicks.
Evil ghosts Caitlin and Judes. They glow in evil blueness!
Then we went home and cooked Christmas Eve dinner! We had shrimp with brussel sprouts, garlic potatoes and other goodness. It was an amazing dinner and the shrimp was divine. Not the chipotle sauce that Lynn likes to put on all meals. We made sure we had some to suit his needs.
Our finalized stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
We talked to Caitlin's sister Kristin and family that live in Singapore. It was Christmas morning in Singapore, so we new Santa had at least made it half way around the world and would be heading to the US soon enough.
Then it was cookie frosting time! Look how much fun they're having!
I demonstrate how amazing a classic Christmas cookie can be when done right. (as a quick report, I have now eaten about 30-40 of these cookies myself in like 3 days. Christmas report starts soon - unless interrupted by Max! Please interrupt it Max!

26 December 2009

Hot Doug's Holiday Buns

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! The mall's Christmas tree was better than the one downtown in my opinion. My moms Christmas tree was better than the one downtown. Anyway, we went shopping on 12/23 as we prepared for the crucial holiday.
As you can see, it was a snowy day in Evanston. But that didn't keep us from hitting the outdoor mall for the better stores.
Uggs? It is a very cold place, that Chicago.
Maybe Caitlin would want some? Only our 12/25 report will be able to tell you that.
Then we drove through a ridiculous, icy snowstorm in order to have ourselves some Hot Doug's famous hot dogs.
I had a blue cheese and buffalo spiced pork sausage dog. Don't forget the cheese fries. There was also a duck comfit dog, veggie dogs to die for and more.
It seriously took us like 2 hours to drive 10 miles, but it was probably the one time in the history of man that there wasn't a massive line at Hot Doug's...so in a way, it was worth it. Not to mention the squeakingly fantastic food.
These are two things that bring me a lot of happiness.
Oh yeah baby, this is the holiday season of joy!

D Day Never Saw Such Little Action

Hey Max,

Today is your due date and you are still just chillin' in the belly. In fact, you show only about 2% chance of coming out today. What gives? Don't you know that your dad got DJ Hero for Christmas? Additionally, your mom and I made like 100 sugar cookies and I will let you nub on them if you come to us soon (otherwise, I will eat them all). Additionally, you received like 10 new outfits including a precious Penguin brand onesie that I think you are going to be stylin' in. You also received rockin' lullaby songs like Radiohead, Guns 'n Roses, Metallica and Nirvana to listen to while you sleep.

So what's the delay? Let's go!

24 December 2009

My Moment of JOY YEE'S

What in the world would we be doing with a big sewing kit?
And what in the world would we be doing with all of this fabric and felt?
We're making stuff stupid! Caitlin and Judes have been hard at work (with a little help from me...I try to be useful) at making both ornaments for our tree and some Christmas stockings.
But I found other ways to be useful. Not only did I work on a big surprise for Max that I hope to unveil within a week - but I also built this wicked awesome glider for Caitlin. And when I say "built" I mean I put it together with Ikea-like instructions.
But it turned out awesome and I practiced holding an imaginary Max in my arms while I rock him to sleep.
Caitlin gave it a test run and found it to be to her liking. Another Baby Max success!!!
The ornaments also turned out to be a big success. We made orange, blue, green and grey birds with patterned wings. They look great hanging on the tree.
Here is the tree. A stellar tree if you ask me.
The stockings have proved not to be as easy as the birds. Caitlin and Judes have labored vigorously to get them done for Christmas.
While this is not the finished product, you can see the dotted pattern we are going for. Please note that my stocking is green based and Caitlin's is red based. Our children's stockings are going to have mixes of red and green on their stockings. They are like little chromosome stockings.
But it hasn't been all work, no play around here. We have also been eating...alot. And going out and doing stuff. We went to Joy Yee's just the other night and got bubble teas. Judes loves herself some avocado tapioca freezes. Joy Yees has many drinks to choose from as you can see.
I'm not kidding. She loves that drink. She's not the only one. I also love me that drink.
Caitlin branched out from the Taro freeze and tried the pomegranate mango tapioca freeze and found it to be to her liking.
I never thought in a million years that I would be sitting at a restaurant with Caitlin just a few days before her due date. I really thought she would be on bed rest because of her bad back - but she has just been trucking along without too much pain at all. Its pretty amazing and has certainly helped the last few weeks to fly by.
My favorite part was my fortune: "You will soon have your moment of joy." YOU HEAR THAT MAX??? It says soon! Obey the fortune and get out of Caitlin's belly - stat!!! I want to hold you!