11 December 2009

Jeffrey is Graduating!

It was on our first or second date back in June of 2006 that Jeffrey told me that he was hoping to get into graduate school at Northwestern University in September of 2008. I think that was his way of letting me know early on, that should things get serious I better start liking the idea of leaving NYC and moving to Chicago. Nearly two years later when we found out he was accepted into the IMC Program (Integrated Marketing and Communications) we were thrilled that Jeff was making his dream come true but a little sad to be leaving behind our life in NYC.

I don't think either one of us really knew what our experience would be like in Evanston. Now that Jeffrey would be a student and I would continue to work, we didn't know what our schedules would be nor how much time we would have to spend with each other. In Brooklyn, we woke up at the same time every morning, went to the gym or went running together, got ready for work and then jumped on the subway and went to work; only to reunite that evening somewhere in Manhattan for some fun activity.

While our experience in Evanston certainly hasn't been as exciting as it was in NYC, we have really enjoyed our time here. We have made some amazing friends, enjoyed living two blocks from Lake Michigan in a beautiful historic apartment building, and loved our callings with the Young Men and Young Women in our church. I also have loved seeing Jeffrey in his new role as a student. I learned very quickly that Jeffrey is a rock star student. Not only did he do amazing in all of his classes he also worked really hard to never be behind in his classes. Even though he could have slept in everyday, he would wake up early with me so that we could go to the gym together and then he would work really hard throughout the day to get all his schoolwork done while I was at work so that we could spend the evening together. (Not to mention he was also the main person to get the laundry done and run many of the errands that needed to get done during the day.)

I am so proud of Jeffrey for what he has accomplished. Tomorrow he will graduate and his fellow classmates voted him to be the only student speaker at graduation. Jeffrey has some fun plans for his speech to make it interesting which I am sure he will blog about later. Congratulations Jeffrey! You are the best and I am soo proud of you! Baby Max can't wait to give you a high five! (Hopefully he'll be here very very soon!)


Mikey said...

I would have expected nothing less.

Kimberly said...

Congratulations Jeff! Way to rock graduate school (although I agree I would have expected nothing less).

Ellen said...

Wow, that's awesome. I hope someone records the speech and posts it for all to see.
So the real question is are you okay with Jeff starting work and you having to do laundry now? Or is he still going to do it?

nikki said...

Congratulations! Maybe I missed it, but what's next? Are you guys staying in Chicago???

Sparklebot said...

Yay. Congratulations Jeffie! I'm very excited for you guys.

Krista said...

Wahoo! Sacrifice and hard work for both of you. Congrats!! I'm happy you are in Evanston. Will you please stay?

nensaburger said...

good job for Jeffrey Mulcockers!