29 April 2012

Deja Vu In the Hospital

The hospital stay with Sam was a good one. It was really weird doing this again - I felt like I was experiencing déjà vu. For example, we wrote the same thing on the white board for Max.

The same blankets tucked up so tight near that face that reminded me so much of Max. We both would call Sam "Max" over and over.

We had the same view and almost the exact same room.

We took a lot of the same pictures, including ones of me lounging with my baby boy on the plasticky recliner chair.

But there was a lot that was different - the biggest being that Sam is his own dude. In this picture he was saying, "Dad...get your mind right, and your grind right.". Sam is a very cute little dude. He doesn't want the exact same hold, or calming tactics as Max.

I loved that the security tag is called Hugs and the one on Caitlin is called Kisses.

Max was mostly bored any time he came to visit us in the hospital. I understood - it's a small room and mom can't really play, so what is left but to just eat your shoe?

Sam in one of his more smooshy moments. He is a boy that really loves his swaddle. He hates having his diaper changed or being naked in general. This is very different from Max who glories in nudity and a clean bum.

We had our couples dinner again. Caitlin and I enjoyed spending time together alone. The hospital was actually like a nice long weekend date for us.

Oh. Here is a HUGE difference between Max and Sam. Sam likes a binky. Max despised them. It is so nice being able to sooth a baby with something other then bouncing them up and down to techno music.

Big shout out to Nana for watching Max while we were in the hospital!

23 April 2012

Is Mike D the Father of My Baby?

There has been a long time comparison of Doctor Spock to Mike D of the Beastie Boys. Take a look for yourself:

The likeness is primarily found in the ears. Now, take a look at Sam's ears:

Coincidence? I think not. I thought the weekend that Mike D spent in our house in Florida 9 months ago was innocent...but maybe not? Whether or not Mike D is the father of my child, his ears indicate awesomeness or an out-of-this-worldness!

21 April 2012

Close Encounters of the First Kind

Max's first encounter with Sam was probably normal, but not a dream encounter. He was pretty freaked out by his mom in a hospital bed, holding an infant. He didn't cry, he just didn't want to get to close.

But he did show his cuteness by wanting to clean up baby Sam. Below is the first video of Max and Sam. It also has some great footage of the baby, so check it out.

YouTube Video

20 April 2012

The Emergence of The Cootness #2

Hooray! Hooray! Baby Sam is here! Sam was born at 7:09pm TODAY, 4/20. It was such a difference from Max's delivery. First of all, Caitlin was induced...which was awesome. She was four days overdue, so we convinced the doctor to let us induce. Second, Caitlin wasn't exhausted from being in labor for two nights straight without sleeping. Last, she only had to push for an hour instead of three. Amazing.

Sam was 7lb 14oz and 20 inches long. About a pound heavier than Max and a bit shorter. He came out screaming and letting the world know what's up.

But he calmed down quick and became a super alert little dude.

I swear I have this exact same picture with Max. We think he looks quite a bit like Max.

The fam. Caitlin owned it and worked that delivery like a master.

Max came with Nana to meet Sam for the first time. Cute as ever, but a little apprehensive with the hospital surroundings.

Oh man, cute.

Cute again.

And again!

The first thing Max said when he met Sam was, "baby Sam is dirty. He needs to do clean up. Then he tried to clean him."

We are so amped to have our homie Sam in our family. So far he seems perfectly rad.

Max finally gave in and admitted he was missing his mama pretty bad, so he jumped on the bed for a cuddle.

But then we got some Jello and BOOM he was good again.

And then he was ready to be a big brother. More to come soon, but wanted to post some pictures ASAP of da kid number 2.

Pitocin Time

This is what two people with big bellies look like when they head to the hospital. If only they could use Pitocin to induce the fat out of my body.

Keep you posted!

18 April 2012

Yari, You So Ghetto

It's amazing how the simple act of a hub cap falling off can take a perfectly fine automobile and make it look über ghetto. Sorry Yari...you look stank.

16 April 2012

No Baby = Might As Well Party

Well. Today is Caitlin's due date and I am currently on a train going in to work. With no signs of the baby coming out, I figured I might as well get something done. All weekend we really expected a baby to show up, but it didn't. So we decided we might as well party while we wait.

Friday night Judes offered up her extreme kindness and sent Caitlin and I out on a date. So we went on one of our longest dates since we had Max. We took the train downtown to the Slurping Turtle, a newer noodle house in the city. We had fried brussel sprouts, duck fat fried chicken in soy, Japanese potato fritters, the above mushroom noodle bowl, a raspberry wasabi macaroon and a coconut cream puff. It was fantastic. Then we walked around downtown, got some Garrett's popcorn, and talked until contractions sent us home. That night Caitlin had a false start on labor, so we thought Saturday would be the day. Nope.

Sunday we went for a picnic at the Botanical Gardens. Max and monkey chose our table.

Max learned about how flowers can smell wicked delicious.

He also became the poster boy for all cuteness. Um, whoa. Adorable.

Max loves flowers right now. If you ask him what are his favorite, he will always say choolips and daffodils. The gardens blew his mind.

And monkey's mind too.

Max was on fire yesterday with silly faces, excitement and just overall cuteness. Ties on a two year old will do that.

The flowers were pretty amazing.

As was this belly! Caitlin...only hours before her due date and still kickin it live.



Wow dada! Look at that hill over there! I want to play on it!

Silly boy was amped to play in the grass on the hill. And pull my tie.

One last family pic before we add another person to it.

Max saw some kids rolling down the hill and he really wanted to do it too. It took some figuring out at first.

Wait, I gotta lay down to roll?

But then he started to get it, and the cuteness just exploded from there.

Taking a break after climbing and rolling a few times.

This picture kills me.

As does this one.

Tickle tickle tickle dada!

Oh yeah Max? Two can play at that game...

Group rolling.

You will never escape my tickle grasp!

But he did, and it was time to head home and get a nap in. I mean, who doesn't want that Sunday nap?