29 April 2012

Deja Vu In the Hospital

The hospital stay with Sam was a good one. It was really weird doing this again - I felt like I was experiencing déjà vu. For example, we wrote the same thing on the white board for Max.

The same blankets tucked up so tight near that face that reminded me so much of Max. We both would call Sam "Max" over and over.

We had the same view and almost the exact same room.

We took a lot of the same pictures, including ones of me lounging with my baby boy on the plasticky recliner chair.

But there was a lot that was different - the biggest being that Sam is his own dude. In this picture he was saying, "Dad...get your mind right, and your grind right.". Sam is a very cute little dude. He doesn't want the exact same hold, or calming tactics as Max.

I loved that the security tag is called Hugs and the one on Caitlin is called Kisses.

Max was mostly bored any time he came to visit us in the hospital. I understood - it's a small room and mom can't really play, so what is left but to just eat your shoe?

Sam in one of his more smooshy moments. He is a boy that really loves his swaddle. He hates having his diaper changed or being naked in general. This is very different from Max who glories in nudity and a clean bum.

We had our couples dinner again. Caitlin and I enjoyed spending time together alone. The hospital was actually like a nice long weekend date for us.

Oh. Here is a HUGE difference between Max and Sam. Sam likes a binky. Max despised them. It is so nice being able to sooth a baby with something other then bouncing them up and down to techno music.

Big shout out to Nana for watching Max while we were in the hospital!


SweetAbbs said...

Welcome Sam! He is adorable. So glad he'll take a binky. That right there is gonna change your life. :) And that picture of Max eating his shoe is so hilarious. One of those great ones that he and his siblings will laugh over several times growing up and when they are grown ups.

Brittany said...

What a cute little sucker! I was praying that he would be a little easier to sooth than Max, so nice to have a baby take a binky.
Also, I LOVE Max, even more since I just saw that picture of him eating his shoe.

Sparklebot said...

I'm late commenting, but baby Sam is such a cutie. Love him already!