01 May 2012

The Bonding of Max and Sam

Being a big brother is not easy - it involves instantly giving up on a lot of stuff: some attention from your parents, time doing the things you like to do, flexibility in your schedule, etc. Its a lot to ask of a kid. So far Max has been quite the trooper. While he has certainly changed amongst the ordeal, he has been mostly patient and loving. The negatives have been a stronger case of wanting to do things his way and waking up several times a night crying for his mom and dad. Side effects I guess of having a second child.

At first he really wasn't that interested in Sam, but in the last few days he has started to take on the role of being a big brother. Watch the video above to see about the most totes adorbs brotherly love ever. Max, we love you. Thanks for your patience in all of this. You are genuinely an awesome kid.


Sparklebot said...

Aw. I love Max's tenderness!

Southwick Family said...

We are sitting here watching Max and Sam with the kids... love Sam already... and I can tell Max will be a superstar big brother!

Bek said...

kyle and i loved this. we miss max so bad. and now we miss sam too!