24 May 2012

MPM Explodes, Creating the Best Night of Max's Life

Last Friday night was an epic night that will always be remembered by many people. First and foremost, there is my homeboy Mitchell, best known as MPM. Mitch got to take a month off his last year in high school to do a senior project. His project? Create an entire electronic album and then put together a full launch party. Well, four weeks later we all began to gather at this park in Winnetka.

While it was primarily high school kids, a few of us geeky adults made a home for ourselves out of the way.

Mitch set it up with two opening DJ's who played to get the kids warmed up. One of them collaborated on one song of the album.

The next person who had the time of his life that night was Max. See this picture? This was literally the way he looked for three hours straight. He ran and danced and marched.

He did dramatic poses mid dance to add emphasis on beats and particular moves.

He co-danced with homies Owen and Leah.

He even break danced some...this being his most famous move. It was like 78 degrees and perfectly sunny. There was never a better environment for Max to feel joy. After each DJ would stop, Max would run up and tell Mitchell, "Mitchell...I want more music" without us prompting him. This is my son.

Finally, as the sun was beginning to set, it was time for Mitch to take stage.

And the crowd began to really come closer and get ready for an amazing hour.

Not just high school friends, but all sorts of friends from Mitch's life, including young men's leaders like Dan.

Newborns like Sam who also was so pleasant that night.

Brother Nick and other YM leader Trevor.

Friends from the ward, including younger and older YW.

YouTube Video

And the party was on. Just a flavor of how things got started.

One of the highlight tracks on MPM's album "Aural Buzz" is a track called "JMu's Birds" which is a song named and inspired by my love of the Diplo camp of high treble drops with thumping bass. MPM used to mock it, but now with all the positive deedback on this track he is starting to respect the bird droppings.

See the kids love it.

YouTube Video

Don't believe me? Watch them party their brains out to it. Yes, JMu's Birds is some hot tish my friends. Some hot tish indeed.

It started getting darker and, following the basic teenager rule that the darker it gets the crazier they get, the kids started upping the energy even more.

With hand claps.

YouTube Video

And huge moments of shoulder riding.

It was getting pretty epic and MPM was really feeding off it.

Not to mention, who doesn't love some good lights? I know Max does. It was about this point that Max had come closer from the grass and started trying to get right in with the crowd. He was stamping and dancing and doin his moves and the kids kept cheering him on, which he loved. He also chased the lights all around the floor and screamed with delight.

And so did the crowd.

MPM ended his set with some solid shows toppers from a few popular artists. Everyone had a great time, most of all MPM. In a few weeks he is off to BYU to study music production and do those things that 18 year olds do. We will miss him around here, but he is off to bigger and better things. Thanks Mitch for all the amazing years!

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