23 May 2012

The Glorious Homecoming of Da Kid #2

Sorry guys, I forgot to post this one a few weeks back, but it's got some cute pics I want posted, so it's going up now. It's from when we got back from the hospital.

After two days in the hospital it was time for Samn to come home.

He got bundled up in his homecoming outfit, a snuggalicious little number sent to us by Kristin and Co in South Africa. He wasn't scared - he had his ginormous binky to suck on.

Top down view - so cute.

Max was SUPER excited to have his parents back at home and to be held by his mama! How could he not be.

While we were gone, he and Nana invented a new game called Beach. Because it was cold outside, they turned his peach blanket into a beach and shredded paper on it to be sand. Then he would get his beach toys out and his guys and BOOM...tropics paradise!

Sam gave Max a scooter as peace offering...Max accepted this offering and loved it. It seems to have worked because now Max loves Sam. It's amazing what a simple gift can do.

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