15 May 2012

Trace Shows Her Face...Just In Time

We had a special visitor two weekends ago.

Trace Face!! She was a literal godsend as we had just gone through our first full week of being parents of two without anyone helping us. Tracy, a natural with da babies, grabbed Sam and quickly made Caitlin nap.

It was awesome having her in town. While we probably weren't as fun as we have been in previous trips, we did lots of bonding. We did take an excursion to the Kohl's Museum where Tracy had given us an annual pass for Caitlin's birthday. I trust Tracy to I strict Max about good music because she loves the Beastie Boys.

Hardcore beats at the children's museum...or classical I am assuming.

Now here she goes dropping science, dropping it all over....

Making mad beats together.

I also got to bond with Max a lot as we always do at the museum.

Putting up shingles on the wall and catching potatoes that fall from the roof.

Max gives new meaning to the term plumbers crack, in this case painters crack. Look closely at his pants.

Hmm. We may have chosen a pair that was slightly too large.

We did some face painting and got silly.

Mama! Max had been missing all that close time he used to get with his mama, but having Tracy and Dada around was making it bareable.

Learning about shapes and colors.

And me...a dad of two boys. Doing my best to juggle the kids. Probably failing, but thanks to Tracy we succeeded for another weekend. Thanks Trace for coming and bringing amazing cookies and fun with you!

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Brittany said...

Looks like so much fun! Also, I'm fairly certain you are one of the best kid jugglers there has ever been. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple months!