08 May 2012

Nana and Papa in Da House

As you already know, Nana was in town when Sam was born. This gave her lots of time to do the following:

Yep...hold the baby. She was great to help us during that tough first week when Sam just wouldn't let us sleep. She took the first shift every night. Lifesaver. Soon after that, Papa showed up.

Max was all over that and began to monopolize his time, requiring lots of reading and game time.

Don't worry, he got to bond with Sam as well.

It was in those early days that Max started to show signs of acknowledging Sam's existence, including this precious scene of Sam crying and Max trying to comfort him with his Puppy Dog.

A big kiss.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is get Max out of the house to give Caitlin some sanity and time to focus on Sam. So Papa and I took him to the architectural tour downtown. Lynn might have been the most excited to learn some history.

Max? He is always game and 100% amped to ride on a boat. He lives for boats.

YES! Big Boat! Max did great even though it was freezing cold that day.

The preciousness overwhelms me.

This was the last picture I got before Max realized he was so cold he was going to die and we went downstairs inside the boat. But he made it through 70% of the tour. Not bad.

And then it was back to more cutey pie Sam, whether sleeping....

...Or bewildered and awake.

Oh Sam, what will you grow up to be like? What will your personality be like? Only time will tell.

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Brittany said...

I can't wait to hold that baby and kiss Max's cheeks! We miss you guys! See you in August!!!