12 April 2012

Easter Dreams

Easter morning.

Max had a bounty of goodness this year. I think we feel like he is about to experience a rude awakening when baby #2 comes, so we are s,othering him with attention, love and gifts right now.

Dada got some coo shiz too...some shirts, Mountain Dew and M&Ms.

Mama hooked up with makeup, a new water bottle and some graham crackers and frosting for a pre-baby treat.

When we woke Max up (yeah, we have wake Max up on Sundays cause he usually sleeps til about 9:30), he was quick to lose the grogginess because the Easter bunny had come. At first he just wanted to see the bunny.

But then he realized there were presents to be had.

Hello playdoh, I will enjoy you.

Max gave mama new sunglasses to replace the ones that he took off her face and broke. I seriously asked him what he wanted to get her at the store and he said sunglasses. Done. Thanks Target dollar aisle.

Like many a child before him, his attention eventually turned to the fake grass and throwing it everywhere.

Later after church, Parker, Lincoln and Alpha came over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt and dinner. They were now all seasoned pros at egg hunting, having just done the church hunt the day before.

Parker, quickly grabbing the tougher eggs to find.

Max rocking it as well.

Even precious Lincoln making it happen.

Ah, the bounty was good. This time the eggs had gold fishes in them as a healthier snack. They had enough candy. Okay, some of them had jelly beans too.

Check out this egg...it has money in it! Okay, maybe we threw in some coins cause Max really loves money right now.

The crew. Adorable. Happy Easter everyone!


smith fam said...

I am coming to your house for Easter next year...your Easter Bunny gives way better baskets than ours.

Brittany said...

Yes. I love Max on Easter. And every other day.
P.S. I think your Easter bunny is rich! Our Easter bunny brought me three cadbury eggs. We didn't even have grass in our baskets.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Your Easter Bunny needs to pony up and put out britt.