27 September 2009

Did I Scare You?

Well, it has been quite a while. I think it is pretty apparent from my sparse blogging and lack of activity that school has started up again and I've got lots of junk going on. While I have full intentions of reporting on my trip to Idaho (where I had several exciting burgers to discuss), I did want to first talk about my arrival home. Caitlin came and picked me up from the airport and we drove home. I hadn't seen her for four days and it was great to be back to her. As we got home, Caitlin ran to the bathroom as is customary every time we come home (thanks to pregnancy bladder).

It was my fortune that I did not saying anything improper because as I rounded the corner about 30 people charged out of the dark with masks on and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, Caitlin got me good. Real good. I had no idea. Most of my closest friend in Illinois had made it out to celebrate my ridiculous aging.I must first report about the cake. Yes, the above mummy is a cake. Don and Patrick seriously spent about 2 days inventing and crafting this cake from scratch. They started getting into cake making several months ago and each party is another chance to step it up a notch. This took it to the ultimate notch.
Seriously - this sarcophagus has Egyptian writing on it. It was massively impressive.I was immediately crowned birthday boy of the party and handed a delicious Mountain Dew. It was a position I proudly held for the rest of the night.
When Caitlin and I were in WI we bought this cupcake holder. It worked perfectly for holding my German chocolate cupcakes. They were so amazing. Caitlin has found the wickedest GC frosting recipe that blows my mind.Heather and Chris were there, fresh off their own west coast vacation.
Patrick and Alex represented hard core as well. Seriously Patrick, that cake blows my mind.
Trevor and Lyndee (sorry, I might be spelling your name incorrectly) worked it to the CORE. Don showed off his parenting skills by holding Ella for a while. As you can see, she was loving it. Okay, she really was fine until the very last moments there when I snapped the picture. Maybe it is me she wasn't diggin'.
Also representing the youth was my boy Noah. This kid had the moment of the night when he got super pissed at Don for taking his balloon. DO NOT MESS with this kids balloons. He will freak at you.
Adam and Don kick it peace style...something they picked up from our Asian friends at school. Not pictured were many other amazing peeps like Scott and Ellen, Jeremiah and Megan, Alissa and Matt, Lauren and Jason and more. Thanks everyone for showing up and remember that my birthday is all about horror.


Sparklebot said...

I'm glad you got an awesome party. And, I'm ridiculously jealous of the cake. How did they do it? I need to know.

mandy said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!!

Heather said...

Ella really does adore Don (evidentiary pictures notwithstanding). My favorite part of the surprise is that you did not look AT ALL surprised and just said, "Hey Guys" as if it were every day that 30 people jump out at you in masks. Pretty amazing.

Michelle said...

That b-day muumy cake was super rad! You have such great friends!