08 September 2009

You Asked For It!

I think every day I get a request for Caitlin and I to post some pictures of the growing belly. So, in an effort to appease you all, here they are.
Caitlin's pregnancy really has me gaining weight. It is hard to diet when she is so interested in food at a minimum of 4-6 times per day. Not only that, she is also using real butter and real sugar in our desserts. How can I resist?
Here is a close up. Are you satisfied? I had to shame myself on the blog just because you wanted to see the belly pictures.

Wait. Did you mean Caitlin's belly? I might have misinterpreted that.


Sparklebot said...

Before pregnancy, were you NOT using real butter and sugar? This idea disturbs me.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Pre-pregnancy it was all about replacing oils and eggs with black beans in brownies. Sugar-free jello, low fat treats, etc. Caitlin was very crafty in her health-conscious ways.

That didn't mean I wasn't frequenting Taco Bell, Cold Stone and other delectables on my own watch.

Jana said...


Sparklebot said...

Wait. Hold up. Are you telling me you put FRIJOLES NEGROS into brownies?

Side of Jeffrey said...

That is correct. Black beans in brownies. A tasty and healthy treat (as long as they aren't warm)- then they taste like a chocolate burrito.