07 December 2010

The indoctrination of Max

Did Max like his visit to Disneyland with Caitlin yesterday?

Um, yes. Apparently 11 months is not too early. Maybe Caitlin will tell you more and share some photos later...

Oh, and we learned thar the cerebral and developmental target for "it's a small world" is eleven months. Any older and you want to punch yourself in the face.



Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

um Max you are stylin! Come live in NY and be Gwen's girlfriend. That is if you like older women. :)

love the hat and converse you stud! Enjoy CALI!!

Bek said...

omg, you are totally in my hood. why couldn't you wait 2 more weeks to be out there? or could you just stay there until i show up? please?