06 December 2010

Totally Rad Friends

Yo, quick side note - we in Cali suckas!!! You better believe it. Flew in to the LAX last night and zipped in my rental car over to Tamara and doug's wicked pad for a meal and some new York slash Chicago reuniting!

The peeps! We had a killer meal and spent the time catching up and sharing hilarious classic and "mind-numbing" stories involving all sorts of shenanigans.

These two go way back and have much tenderness between them. Max felt that love and gave it back to Doug ten fold.

There was other old friends that got to spend some cherished time together, namely Ella and Max. They missed each other dearly.

And there was also time for new friends...like me and my homey Will (Guillermo)! Tamara and doug have two amazing boys Will and Ben. They, like normal babies, go to sleep at like 7, so we only enjoyed them for an hour or so...but I'd say we bonded.

While I'm working Caitlin will do more bonding...should be awesome. No, radical. Dude.

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