22 September 2008

Encouraging Bad Behavior

So Jeff is watching Jerry Springer right now and I am all for it. Why you may ask? Because I found out last night that Jerry Springer is a local in our little town of Evanston! Apparently he is really nice and very friendly with the locals. I'm encouraging Jeff to watch his show so that he'll be able to recognize Jerry when we see him cruising around the town. Oh and Jeff also loved watching the show about a one legged priest who was the uncle of a gay youth preach about how his nephew Nick and his lover Justin should no longer be gay. We'll keep you posted with any Jerry sightings.


Brigham said...

Next time you visit my house ask if anyone there has had any sorts of encounters with Mr. Springer. Who knows what kind of an answer you might get!

Side of Jeffrey said...

Mystery! I love it.

Sparklebot said...

I think that's really exciting. I encourage you to become friends--whatever it takes.

And, did you hear this business about Gary Coleman living in Santaquin, Utah? I think Sandy N. needs to head up the Welcome Wagon and make Gary feel loved and warm there in the area.