18 September 2008

Three decades of Jeffrey

So today is a HUGE day for our Jeffrey. Not only is he saying goodbye to his twenties and hello to his thirties but he is also turning into a school boy. Today he started his first day of orientation at Northwestern. These past few days Jeff and I have reflected on how we can't believe that we are finally here in Evanston! Jeff''s dream of going to Northwestern is finally a reality. I remember Jeff telling me over two years ago when we were dating that his future plan was to go to Northwestern in the Fall of 2008. I remember thinking that it seemed so far away and yet in the back of my mind I wondered if I would be going there with him. Well, here we both are and I can't wait to find out how the first day went. This is a picture of him this morning. He was afraid people would mock his birthday hat so I sent him with a sack of Peanut Butter M&M's so he could try to win over friends by sharing his favorite candy. Oh and notice his cute new penguin birthday shirt.

After school gets out, Jeff and I are planning on having a delicious dinner and opening up presents- including new bikes!!! ( I am also getting an early birthday present). We live just a mile south of campus so we're hoping that the bike provides Jeff with a quick ride to school. Evanston also has a path along Lake Michigan that has a great view of Downtown Chicago to ride on plus plenty of mansion lined streets for us to admire. We're pretty stoked about our new birthday bikes. (Thanks Pam and Dave for the present!) Tomorrow we are getting together with friends for dinner and then having a Dance Dance Revolution Competition so that Jeff can make us all feel foolish by showing off his skills.

I thought since September 18th is the official day to celebrate and worship Jeff, that I should include some of my personal favorite pictures.

Seriously, isn't the picture above one of the cutest pictures of Jeffrey ever? This is what happens when he smiles normally. Below is what happens when he can't hide his Bad-A ways.

Well Jeffrey we hope you have the hap hap happiest of birthdays and that you know how much you are loved and how proud we are of you! Here's to your thirties!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!! Have a super fabulous day!

mexicarol said...

I thought of you this morning and came up with the following limerick:

There once was a boy named Mulcocky.
I don't think he likes to play hockey.
He moved to New York, then on to Chicago.
Now he's got to unpack all his sockies.

That's the best I could do on the fly. Hope it was happy! Welcome to your thirties!

Kristin said...

Happy bday! How did you get so tan? I am jealous!

Side of Jeffrey said...

2 things Kristin: Costa Rica and 8 days of beard growth.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Also - Mexicarol I would expect nothing less from you. And anonymous...YOU RULE.

Tamara said...

I love this last picture...it is one of my favorites!!

megan said...

Ah yes, Peanut Butter M&Ms. You are a man after Jeremiah's heart. Happy 30.