16 September 2008

Ideal Places To Consume Cheese

Three days before we picked up and moved from New York, we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. We thought it an appropriate opportunity to visit some favorite spots and relive some of the wedding moments. Caitlin paused at the reservoir to take a picture in her #1 favorite place in Manhattan where she used to run nearly every day. Dreamy.
Then we decided that there was one hardcore tender activity that neither of us had done in our time in NYC...and that was the row boats in Central Park. It was a ridiculous day - 70 degrees, sunny, unreal. I took the helm and got us out onto the pond.
But I'm a ween, so I took a break while Caitlin worked it way harder than I had been.
She was guided by that sweet orb we call "sun" as she moved us around the pond. We talked of love, our future, and the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of the water.
How could we not take this photo. My favorite was watching this Latin chick try to take a picture making out with her body builder boyfriend and still get the bridge in the background. It was quite a lot to take on for an amateur photographer, and apparently she was unsuccessful because she tried like 70 times until he grunted disapproval.We also stopped by Sheeps Meadow close to where we had taken pictures on our wedding day. It is also the site of many lawn bowling mornings with my bros and The Butler. Like I said, NYC was pulling out all the stops. Then it was on to Landmarc for dinner. For those of you that were there, we had our wedding dinner at Landmarc in the Time Warner building. It is fantastic and we had been craving the desserts for about 1 year.And got them we did.And eat them we did. I did my best Claire impersonation when they handed me some cotton candy. Not spot on, but the best I could do on the fly. That night was the end of our legacy in NYC. From that point on it was nothing but packing, packing, and more packing until the day we drove away (pictures to come on that moment...epic by the way). While this post was laden with cheese, I appreciate your patience. It had to be done. Every moment to the end was packed with cheese and memories. Soon come the adventures.

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