23 September 2008

Everything Was At Steak That Day

Today classes begin. I know, I know. It seems like I have been on vacation forever. Well, I practically have. But all that dies tomorrow. We have been preparing for this moment by taking advantage of all our free time to enjoy our new surroundings. Last week we went downtown to take in some Chicago. Our first stop was Lincoln Park. I had to grab my 3rd pair of the exact same $4 sunglasses because they keep magically disappearing.
I appreciated that there was an entire store dedicated to helping rid children of lice...but I can't help but question, "are there that many children with lice and how can I keep them away from me?"

As students, we are on the lookout for free activities. Lincoln Park Zoo? Check...definitely free. Caitlin and I were quite impressed by the zoo. It had nearly every animal that I would expect in a respectable zoo. Some actually moved! Not this rhino though. He was staying put no matter what I threw at him.
Under water Caitlin. Mermaid shot, really. All that's missing is the sea shell bra. We forgot it at home.
This picture is for Pam R. This is a puma. Your cat is a puma...but black.
Statue and monkey mockery. I am proud to say that not one monkey picked its own butt in front of me, which is a first for me in a visit to the zoo.
If you can't tell, I'm mimicking the flamingos behind me.
Most awesome part of the zoo was the plethora of birds.
Then we walked to north of the Loop where Michigan Ave begins and had ourselves some desserts. Lemon cookies, fruit bars...
...and chocolate cookies. That is not a face of disgust, but one of disbelief that I was about to partake in such sweet goodness.
We walked around Michigan Ave for a few moments while we waited for Mike Matthews to join us for dinner. Caitlin looked very saintly checking out this church, so I tried to capture the moment.
Mike had flown in from NYC on business and offered to take us to dinner at Tavern on Rush. The fillet mignon was fantibblitastic. I have been having some serious withdrawals from my free meals at my job. Mike flew in and saved the day by providing us this amazing meal. Appetizers, steak, and dessert - OH MY!


Sparklebot said...

I could have used the hair fairies in 4th grade.


Anonymous said...

I heard there was a shout-out to my cat on your blog. Buster is more popular than I am, I think.

My Puma has, thank heavens, smaller teeth than that one.