29 September 2008

A time for change

So here is a picture of contemplative Jeff. Last Friday night we watched the presidential debates and apparently Jeff was so inspired by the talk of change that he decided to take that message to heart. It was time to change from his long flowing locks to a more groomed look. (It probably didn't hurt that I have been encouraging him to cut his hair for the last week.)

Now that we are far away from Michael and we are trying to live on the student budget, we decided that I should try to cut Jeff's hair. Pictured above is what I had to work with. I have to be honest people, I was kind of nervous. The last time I cut hair was when I was in junior high and I cut my sister Carley's hair so crooked, she had to go get it fixed that day by a Professional. (Jeff didn't know about that.) Luckily it turns out that it is much easier to cut guys hair. Pictured below is the final result. Not bad right?

I have to say, I am proud of my handiwork. I really enjoyed cutting his hair and I'll probably be doing more cuts in the future. By the look on Jeff's face, I'd say he is also proud of his new look.

When the debates and hair cut were over, we learned that change was a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Please do not ever show my brother with his shirt off again.

Ellen said...

Good job, Caitlin. He looks great. I think he was rocking the longer hair look, also.

kell-bell said...

Nice work! Can we start coming to you instead of supercuts??

Sparklebot said...

I knew it was only a matter of time before this blog was swamped with partial nudity.

I expected this from Jeff, but I expect more from you, Caitlin.

Side of Jeffrey said...

her hands are tied Smash...as part of this thing we call "marriage", I believe I am entitled to at least 50% say on what goes on this blog. I say nudity.

The Wallace Family said...

Cats nicely done. It has taken 10 years of marriage and proving that I truely care about Daren's hair before he let me touch it. I kept saying how hard could it be and then he would make me put the clippers away and we would try again in 6-12 months. Congrats moving forward!