19 September 2008

Beans Give Me Gas For Way Less Than $4 a Gallon

New York City is one beautiful place when it comes to transportation. Subways, trains, buses galore at every turn, quickly zipping you from any one place to another at a fraction of a cost. Church - 7 block walk from our apartment. Grocery store - 1 block. Even the freakin' movie theater - across the street.

Now let us turn our sites upon Evanston. Imagine upper class whiteness on steroids. While walking, biking and roller blading are in full force, many of the basic necessities of life are not within a walking distance. So Caitlin and I were forced to get a car. We struggled with the hefty decision of buying or leasing, new or used, loans or cash. But as we were walking the parking lot of a Toyota dealership in Boise, Idaho, we stumbled upon a car that sparked something within us. It wasn't gas, nor was it indigestion. Methinks it was love.

We found ourselves a 4-door, black Toyota Yaris. Rocking about 40 miles to the gallon on the freeway, we were able to drive this bad boy back to Chicago on only 4 tanks (and the tank only holds 11 gallons). And I thought my body was the only thing efficient with gas. Below are the pictures of our new automobile.
Pam and Dave are perfect models for showing the sexy lines and curves of our new vehicle. Everyone - remember when my mom laid out on the hood in the picture above to make the car look sexy? That was awesome...she was in quite the mood that day. I couldn't convince her not to...despite my pleading for her to act normal in the picture.
But no one looks sexier than the new owners. With little inventiveness, we quickly named him YARI...it just flows so naturally from our mouths. He is such a tender little guy, but always feels great when he makes us proud.I've noticed many a female vehicle try to get up in Yari's business because his body is SLAMMIN - but fortunately we had Yari neutered before we took him off the lot. Now his whole life purpose is pleasing Caitlin and myself.Despite her past history, Caitlin is dedicated to not drink and drive with Yari. He is too good a friend to hurt like that. Come to Chicago and we'll give you a ride. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Before I close this post, let me tell all you people that I truly appreciate the love and adoration I received yesterday for my birthday. Some of you pulled out some amazing stops to make me feel especially 30 (I guess I mean "special at 30") with some amazing gifts and notes. Do not worry, I will be reporting on some of those soon. Man...we have Costa Rica, Boise, and more to report. OH MY!

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