24 September 2008

A Severe Hunger For Antiques

Lest ye think that we are not getting any use out of my new birthday present, I wanted to report on Caitlin's and my trip to an antique fair on Saturday. We pulled the price tags off of our newly purchased Trek bikes and took them out for some maiden voyages on the streets of Evanston.
Riding along the beach of Lake Michigan and Sheridan road in the early fall...unreal.
After biking 8 or so miles we made it to the antique fair/Octoberfest. Although no brawts were consumed by us, we did consume (with our eyes) the goods on sale.
Chandeliers...Stephoins dream section.
We appreciated the Olde Good Things booth because we do in fact have some extremely large sections of our apartment that have walls with nothing on them. These guys go into old, abandoned factories and rip the metal out. Later, they create large art pieces and frames for mirrors with the rubbish.
Caitlin pondered long and hard the many colors, sizes and designs of their wares.
But after some hardcore deliberation, we decided that this would make an excellent piece for our dining room. If and WHEN you visit us, you can see it hanging there for yourself.
This was not all business though. We took time to relax. It was Saturday dudes.
We suckered Don and Liz into coming with their Accord to take our art home for us while we took a leisurely ride down the beach home. We paused on campus to snap the beauty. All in all, Caitlin probably biked about 28 miles that day, and I about 14. Something tells me that these bikes are going to get some use (if not just my mile commute to class every morning). Thanks Birthday Fairy.


Sparklebot said...

I'm very impressed at your green-ness. and, I love that metal piece.

Anonymous said...

Not just chandeliers Jeff - I like ALL kinds of lighting. I hope you have good lighting design in your new pad.