17 September 2008

Life - Brought To You By 44oz Sodas

August 7th - the fateful day. It was with bitter remorse (laced with faith based optimism for a bright future) that we packed up our shiz and drove away from New York. This was not a task for the weakling arms of me, so we called upon the sweet help of fellow friends. Nick, our back and spine life saver, came and worked hard for a solid hour before anyone else showed up. We were able to load a lot...but just when our bodies were giving out, we were rescued by the others.
The Butler, with the fresh strength of his youthfulness, easily lifts a heavy box above his head.
Jared struggles under the same weight. All that bike riding at work has strengthened his legs, but his arms are beginning to atrophy due to lack of use.
Stephoin and Tracy did most of the hardcore organizing. We decided that they would be the perfect pair for giving directions and making the pieces fit. Something tells me they were both amazing at the "shapes through the holes" game when they were babies because DANG...they did good.
Victory at last! We erupted in song and dance...with people like Vieve, Stephoin, and Tracy joining in reluctantly but with smiles. It was very Bollywood.
What a performance by all! I can't believe our studio held enough stuff to fill a 17' Uhaul that is made for moving 1-2 bedrooms.
Caitlin said goodbye to favorite doorman Felix. Upon taking this picture he said, "be careful...I am very photogenic. When the ladies see this picture...they will come running to me."
And we were off. Our Uhaul was both trustworthy and resilient against all bumps and turns. Also, multiple 44oz sodas (me Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew, Caitlin Diet Coke)
While this photo makes me look extremely pimp and an amazing driver, I must admit that I had a really tough time getting out of the city. First I tried to go over the Manhattan Bridge...after spending about an hour trying to find the entrance, I finally turned around and went to the Battery Park Tunnel. But I missed the entrance and in the struggle I must have run a red light because I was quickly pulled over. Caitlin pleaded my case while I hung my head in shame. The cop fortunately had mercy and directed us to the correct entrance. Then we struggled through traffic in the Holland tunnel before we were finally on our way. So, I guess a little less awesome than I'd like to pretend. But we made it.We decided to take the trip in two nights because we realized that Kirtland, OH was only 1/2 hour off the path. And lets be honest - when are you only 1/2 hour from Kirtland, OH? Never. That is when. So we knew it was necessary to stop and check out the one-time home of the church. Here we stand proudly in front of the Newel K. Whitney store.
In our visit we visited many rooms like this...aptly demonstrating the many pioneer and 1800's items used during the time period. As with all church sites, I was impressed by the struggle of the saints to make ends meet while dedicating everything to the growth of the Gospel. It is much smaller than Nauvoo in terms of a historical site, but it was amazing how many major teachings and revelations were given in the short time in Kirtland.
One thing I have noticed is that no matter where we go, Caitlin runs into someone she knows. For example, we ran in Alisa, a friend from BYU...IN FREAKIN' KIRTLAND. Ridiculous. We talked for a while and snapped a memorable photo. I would like to point out that even in Boise we didn't run in to people I know. My social life is a joke when compared to hers.
Kirtland temple...with my head.
Kirtland Temple, with tender contemplation and hearkening to angelic voices.
And the angels told me to go and get this pulled pork sandwich...which ended up being the best pulled pork sandwich I have ever had in my life. It was delicious, NAY, divine! It had the best cole slaw mixed with pork and sauce and oh man I'm going to die.
My face says it all. Or maybe is just says constipation.
After Kirtland we drove through a really intense storm in an attempt to get closer to Chicago before nightfall. I was hoping for a tornado, but it failed to deliver. We ended up getting a hotel outside of Toledo (Ohio, not Spain...although I learned in Spain that these Toledos are "sister cities." I think we know which is the more awesome sister in that family). I thought Caitlin would like to go cheap, so I stopped at the Motel 6. Here was her response the next morning:
After walking on damp carpets, sleeping in paper thin sheets, and nearly losing our iPods...Caitlin officially decided Motel 6 was the worst hotel she had ever stayed in.
After another 6-7 hours the next morning, we finally made it to Chicago. First we went up to Evanston and unloaded everything into a storage facility. We had to fight the Uhaul people for a free storage facility they had promised, because they tried to screw us. Luckily, we won. About 8 people from the Evanston Elders Quorum showed up to help, which was awesome. After, our new neighbors Kathy and Joe took us to some delicious Greek food before they dropped us off in Logan Square at Alissa and Matt's pad where we stayed the night.The next day, all rested from our weary trip, we ate at Lula Cafe in Logan Square, which has quickly become our favorite restaurant in Chicago. It warmed our souls. Then we headed down to South Chicago on the el to visit Scotty & Co.While Scotty and Ellen live very close to Obama, they live ridiculously close to the freakin' ghetto. I'm not kidding...it made Harlem look like a kids playground. But we are street enough (as pictured above) that the people didn't mess with us. This photograph verifies that they really did have a second child named Natalia. She is super cute and quiet and chill. She slept the entire time we were there. I have friends with multiple children...crazy.
Sonia was also adorable...but maybe has some slight sister envy going on. She liked to climb in Natalia's car seat in attempt to become the baby again. Oh Sonia, don't you know that being the oldest is going to freakin' rock? NO HAND ME DOWNS! Sweet. I tried to talk some sense into her. I think I got through. After a delicious dinner of Mediterranean food, Scott quickly (meaning a 2 hour trip for him) drove me up to Evanston because I had forgotten to turn in the Uhaul truck key when I left the day before and they called pissed. Yeah, I suck...sue me. It was great to see him and know we have some solid friends in town, even if they live an hour away. And in the ghetto. In fact, we'll be seeing them tomorrow (maybe because its my 30th birthday).


The Lowmans said...

The next time I eat out somewhere I am definitely going to ask for a side of Mulcock. Love it! Love you guys! You look great (especially you Caits) and I'm happy that the move went well. So, when are we going to see each other? We're not too far away now! I'd be up for a weekend visit anytime.

Sparklebot said...

Whoa. Remember when me, you, and shells were driving my Uhaul across the country and we got hit by that super bad storm? And, we learned later there were tornadoes nearby?

Where Uhaul goes, destruction follows.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting to Chicago safely. It sure was good to spend some time with you two when you came to Boise. Hopefully, with you living twice as close, you'll visit twice as much. A man can dream, can't he?


smith fam said...

I love how Caitlin's green shirt blends perfectly with the background in the picture of the very photogenic Felix.

Kimberly said...

I love the fact that the Uhaul had an Arizona license plate. Shout out to AZ!

Oh, and that pulled pork sandwhich did look divine.