01 June 2009

Drag Me To Heaven

There are probably very few of you out there that doubted I would be seeing Drag Me To Hell the second I had a chance. You were very right. Even though it is finals week and even though I have a billion things going on in all aspects of my life - I will ALWAYS have time for Sam Raimi horror movies. Try me. Call me up and see if I'm willing to watch Evil Dead 2 with you at 3:15 am in a port-o-potty. I would be there, but possibly with really strong cologne on to counteract the stink.

Anyway, so obviously I was at Drag Me To Hell this weekend. As you can imagine, I loved it. While the Evil Dead series will always be the utopia of what a horror movie should be in my mind, I was just pleased as punch to have Raimi back and making horror films. Not only that, but now he is on with the remake of The Evil Dead and an Evil Dead 4 is rumored to be in the very pre-production works. I imagine for him that making Drag Me To Hell was like coming home to some extent - and I'm sure it felt amazing.

Drag Me To Hell was hilarious, exciting, thrilling, ridiculous, maniacal, and fantastic in so many ways. It had its flaws (acting), but it also had its many, many, many perfections. It is fully worthy of your time and money. If you disagree, then I think you might be sicker than the old lady in the film. And that chick is messed up.

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Unknown said...

The shizzle.

'Nuff said.