12 June 2009

Apartment Hunting Blows

My cousin Adro and his wife Bear are in town because Adro will be attending the same program this fall that I attend currently. That means they gots to move from Farmington to Evanston in a few months. In order to get prepared and excite Bear about leaving TWO mothers (hers and mother-in-law) who will babysit for free, they came out for a visit. And what we have found is that apartment hunting is not fun. The ones you want you can't afford. This is Bear checking out a dream apartment that is $250 to expensive per month.
Upon much thought and attempted justification, they decided this apartment was a no go. They are still working on it as we speak.
After a long day of apartment hunting and fun having, Adro, Bear, Caitlin, Don, Liz and I went for a well-deserved break at the Joy Yee Noodles where I was able to get an avocado ice cream tapioca freeze. It brings joy and peace. We are pretty excited for these two to join us in the fall. Their son Noah will provide us much needed baby practice before Poppy comes.

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