15 March 2010

Milwaunna Hang Out With Feef?

The last, but certainly not least, of my family members finally made it to see Max - Stephoin. His goal in Chicago was two fold: 1) party with Max and 2) party non-stop with me and Caitlin. Both were accomplished. Upon his arrival, he was introduced to Max and also to his new laptop that he had shipped to our house! Max was down with Stephoin, possibly because he thought he was me half the time.
Just a quick side note - Max is adorable.
Our first major adventure was to go to Milwaukee and check it out. We have never been, Stephoin has never been - so why not? Besides...we've all seen pictures from Chicago. Let's give Milwaukee a chance!
Our first "order" of business was to get some grub. Since we no approximately 0% about Milwaukee, we just stopped at the first non-chain restaurant we could find - Mikanos Cafe. Greek it is.
Max was also hungry, so he got lunch as well. I'd like to take this time to introduce you all to Max's monkey. The monkey was a gift from our cousin Sarah, and Max is obsessed with it. He holds on to it constantly. It makes him feel warm and cozy.
The food was good. Its always a good sign with the restaurant is almost full...which it was.
I devoured my gyro with a vigor unparalleled. From this point on I am going to just show you photos of our adventure in Milwaukee. I will just say that I found the city to be very awesome. Sure, it has clearly been through some rough patches...but I think it is in a real revitalization period right now and it shows. We found lots of interesting things to explore. We are excited to come back in the summer one weekend and explore some more. Check it out:

Yes, Milwaukee was a very good time. Max was an amazing trooper considering he spent the entire day in his car seat/stroller. He finally let us know how he felt about that, so we had to take him out for a while and love him. He appreciated it.
The next day Stephoin and I went house exploring, including checking out the Home Alone house.
We went down to Lincoln Park to Sweet Mandy B's to try some of their treats and explore that neighborhood. That was a great bakery.
Sure, everyone does cupcakes. But still, good lookin for sure.
Then we walked up to Lakeview to meet up with the Hilton's for some dinner at DMK Burger Bar - which I obsess over constantly. It was absolutely amazing, per usual. It was a little loud for conversation for such a big group...but who can talk anyway with gigantic burgers in your mouth?
Oh man. I got the Prosciutto burger. AHHHHHHHHHHH.
Then it was time to go home for some tender moments before bedtime. Max is so full of love these days. He loved having Unky Feef to visit and hold him so tight. We still had a few days to go, but Feef is not one to waste precious moment opportunities.
He kills me.
More Stephoin visit stories/pictures to come.


M said...

you don't need to side note it...max really is adorable.

Pamsky said...

I love the second to last photo. Max looks almost smug, like "so my uncle Feef loves being in photos with me, but then again, who doesn't"?

Michelle said...

Cute cute pics of my brother and nephew! I love the one with Steve and Max in the hat. I also love the one of Max with his mouth open holding his monkey. Looks like you guys had an awesome fun time! I'm sad I missed it.

Sparklebot said...

I like that we are seeing more of Max's personality. So adorable.