01 December 2008

Winter Scariness

Today was the first real day of snow in Chicago - fitting as it is December 1st. I got up at 7am and walked outside in my pajamas to scrape off the ice and snow from Yari so that Caitlin wouldn't have to do it. The plows went by, our management was snow blowing the sidewalks. You could even hear Lake Michigan off in the distance as the wind blew in. All of this should equal a bad morning - but I love it. Maybe I'll be singing a different tune in February.

I even rode my bike to school in the snow. I was rewarded by stumbling upon a small record store going out of business. They had everything inside at 50% off. I happened to find a DVD of Reeker - which is a movie I really enjoyed from the Tribeca film festival a few years back. I bought it at $4 new. I also bought some Bach and techno for another $2 each.

I attribute all this good fortune and vibes to the awesomeness of winter.

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Sparklebot said...

We haven't had any snow yet. I keep hoping . . .