17 December 2008

Something To Chew On

So my friend McKay has a brother named Nord. Once upon a time, he had a band called "Juanroads." Then he went on a mission, returned, got married, went to college...etc. Apparently, he is still in the music making business because I just got a email from him about his new band Haun's Mill Massacre. Below is their music video for "Haven't Felt This Way In Days" that they just put out. I enjoyed it quite a bit...maybe you will as well?

While I miss the days of Juanroads - I think he has a lot better future with this band. For example, his lead singer is way hotter than he was as a lead singer. That in and of itself is a huge move in the right direction.

1 comment:

Ellen said...

Interesting name choice! I wonder what their reasons were for that.