31 December 2008

Starting The New Year Off With Death

Today is a New Years Eve celebration - and I am starting 2009 off with death. The death of my hard drive on my six-month old computer. I don't know how, why, or what happened to cause my perfectly running computer to just blow up its hard drive...but it is not a good thing. Here are some reasons why:

1) School starts on Monday. Hard drive won't get here until Monday.
2) Tons of programs and software need to be reloaded and redone - and I won't have time
4) It just makes me angry

Those are the reasons this whole hard drive thing is not good. Dell was experiencing hefty calls (big fricking surprise), so it took an hour to figure this out. But at least this was covered by warranty - unlike the 50 other problems I have had with Caitlin's Dell. So, glass half full biotches.


Ellen said...

Dang, Jeff, that title scared me. I thought something serious had happened! I'm so sorry about your issues. Go party tonight and forget your troubles.

Kristin said...

Time to get a Mac.....

Side of Jeffrey said...

Unfortunately Macs were extremely discouraged by my program due to their inability to work with some of the programs we use. Otherwise - consider it done.