05 December 2008

Delicious Thanksgiving Turkeys

This is the Mulcock wall of Thanksgiving Turkey. Having been a family tradition from as long as I can remember, we couldn't abandon doing turkeys. We may never abandon doing them. Each year my mom sends us blank turkeys and feathers so we can do them wherever we live. Oftentimes (as is with this year), she includes enough turkeys for roommates to make as well. Here are close ups of the turkeys:
Stephoin was inspired by the bowling ball shape of the turkey cut out this year. I would like to point out that he is grateful for being less fat. Beefsquee turkey: You can't read what she is grateful for as well because she typed them this year...but isn't this the cutest dental hygienist turkey ever? Look at the little toothbrush in the pocket!Devin, as a stout minimalist, decided that the brownness and colors of the feathers were enough to convey his message of gratitude. We also appreciated his willingness to fight conventions and have some of his feathers upside down.While I do not have as crazy of hair right now, my turkey represents my free "student" lifestyle. I am wearing cut off shorts, sunglasses, and my Nike shoes I designed. Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper made the list this year, as did YARI!Little's turkey. I honestly can't remember what his turkey is all about, but he did put Ticket to Ride on his turkey, so that was awesome.
Pam has a graduation turkey. There are many students in our family right now, so this was an awesome theme to choose. Caitlin and Devoin got a shout our from Pam with "awesome kids-in-laws." Ahhh. Tender.
Big D...oh man, where do I start. He wanted to do an "anti-Big D" turkey at first...it had a real mean face and a midriff shirt on. But in the end he didn't like it, so he printed off his face and stuck it on instead. This turkey wins the "Most Improved" award.
This is Beeps and Devoin's cat Rayah's turkey (whoa, that was a weird sentence). She was thankful for "canned food on special occasions." Caitlin's turkey got 2nd prize this year based on her extreme gratitude. Most Mulcocks only put on 6-8 feathers...but she stretched that to 9! Her turkey was "dressed up for the winter cold" Caitlin and involved magazine cuttings. Nice.
The winning turkey this year was Limon. He did such a great job capturing his own pointy beak, sharp talons, and chubby body. No one could deny that he truly was able to create a life-like and memorable turkey in 2008. Nice work Limon.
Who knows what will pop up next year on the Mulcock wall of turkeys.


Eric said...

Much like devoin, I am also thankful for cloves.

Alissa said...

that is just about the cutest tradition i have ever even heard of. i'm totally doing that from now on, especially when i have kids. do you mind if i steal??

Sparklebot said...

Who is Steve Baths? I'd love to meet him.

Pamsky said...

I am sure that Devin is thankful for cloves to some degree, but not as much as he is for gloves. Mike's turkey was a park ranger of some sort, but I can't really give you the background on that one.

Eric said...

I don't know Pamsky....I know Devin pretty well and his love for cloves runs deep. Besides I've never once seen him wear gloves.

Unknown said...

Gloves are okay but I do love me some cloves.