28 June 2012

Random Photos

Just some random pics for you before we head out on vacation in Idaho for a few weeks.

Sam. You precious boy. You get cuter and cuter every day. You are still very much a newborn...needy, cranky at times, dependent in every single way. But you are starting to show signs of growing up. You smile sometimes, sit chill interacting with a toy, etc.

You got cute big eyes, unlike your dad's slits.

Yes Sam, do you have a question? What's that? Max isn't paying attention to you? It's not nice to be a whiner Sam. Max, pay attention to your brother.

Recently our neighbor posted this beauty of a sign. This is in response to Max steeling their little lawn flag that marks a sprinkler (for a reason unknown). Max loves a good flag and loves to run and wave the flag everywhere. It's hard to stop him, particularly cause he is so cute doing it. Well, this neighbor doesn't think it's so cute. In fact, it fills her with massive anger. This sign has been up for days! Everyone who walks by just shakes their head in shame for this cranky, sad woman. It's been comical. She actually purchased a security camera and has it pointing on the flag 24 hours a day. Classic.

Anyway, just a random post.


Mitch said...

So you know I'm a jerk/stalker blog reader that never leaves comments but reads every entry? But, that fantastic flag sign has brought me out of hiding. It cracks me up. Bravo, Max. Bravo!

Brittany said...

I can not wait for that cranky old bat to see Max running around like the crazy little man he is waving her orange flag.
Also, Sam is darling. Can't wait to see him in person (have I said that before?)

Bek said...

that sign still makes me laugh. even at this hour when i'm cranky bc i have to stay up to do laundry.

and sam is adorbs to the max! love your kids!