05 June 2012

My Guys (I'm Talkin Bout My Guys...My Guys!)

Well, Sam is 6 weeks old. He is getting cuter and less newborn every day, which means we are sleeping a bit better and getting a little more out and about. Regardless, we still spend a lot of time I doors just kickin it with Sam.

Sometimes Mr. Grumps doesn't want to go outdoors to party, so he gets to just kick it on the bed.

And stare at mama (or more likely, the light or black frame on the wall)

He doesn't cry nearly as much anymore and now you get a few 1/2 hour periods where he is pretty content just chillin.

Baths used to be a disaster, for example, but now he quite likes them. Who wouldn't want to sit in some nice warm water while someone gives you the rubdown? I know I would.

Baths are the best!

Transition to the other half of our world, which is almost always taking a bath at the same time with all his toys and drawing on the bathtub walls with dada.

Mittoo! Hey MITTOO! Stop putting the bath crayons in your mouth!!!

Oh, now you are going to hide from me? Listen mister...I know where you are.

Clean that mouth out right now young man! As you can tell, he has a harmless and almost comical naughtiness to him, which we all love and wouldn't change if we could.

The post bath ritual...watch one Disney cartoon on dada's iPad and read some books. Occasionally Sam will join.

And of course that almost always turns into crazy boy time if Max is involved. Okay, maybe I egg it on.

Mostly it's just tender times across the board with some brotherly bonding...

...some hardcore silliness...

...and all that good stuff. I have two very sweet boys.

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Brittany said...

They are so cute! I love them and can't wait to kiss their little cheeks!