17 August 2009

Don Julio Cumple Muchos Anos

There are few events in this world that would justify attempting to make a cake shaped like a sombrero. The 5 de Mayo might be one. The other one would be Don Julio's triumphant birthday party last Saturday. To celebrate, he decided to have everyone pick up Taco Bell and bring it to the park to eat and go ape shiz on a pinata. Yes, it was cool.
Patrick sits proudly behind his creation. Okay, he wasn't beaming with pride. He had intended to create a sombrero hat cake, but it kind of turned out to look like a woman's derby hat with raspberry's. While we waited for Taco Bell to arrive, we discussed how we could have made the had more authentic. Learnings people. People started to arrive - and with them, precious Davis. Don Julio brought together about 20 people from school and church. Co mingling and food eating occurred, until disaster struck and the balloons floated into the trees. Fortunately, I was there to save the day.
And then it was pinata time. Here is the introduction.

And its on. Chris was the first to attack. While he didn't do any "real" damage, he loosened the lid so to speak.
Lest ye think we are wimps, just know that we take pinata busting very seriously...especially when there are 3 big prizes involved.Birthday boy Don was the master of puppets. Don certainly worked me over with his skills. I swung many a time, and missed as many as I swung.Patrick was equally without success, though he did get a decent wallop or two on that sucka.Caitlin carefully calculated her swing, but she knew that don was no dummy. She anticipated his evil-doings, and took her chances by swinging at a different spot then where she had discovered the pinata.BOOM SUCKA! Don't stand between a pregnant woman and her candy!!!! Serious damage was done...but it still needed some more bashing.

Lauren, your skills defy gravity. In the end, the pinata met its doom. We all instantly morphed into 5 year olds and I found myself pushing a little kid out of the way so I could grab another Nerds or Runts or something. I made out big time.Cake time! This cake ended up being freakishly delicious.27 years old and he's still got it. Nice lungs Don. Caitlin and I got busy doing what we do. Good luck guessing what that is.Games were played and bonding occurred on all fronts. Caitlin practiced her mothering skills with surrogate child Davis.And Don got busy being a kid on his birthday by playing with his new toy truck. Happy Birthday Don. What would I do without you? Probably go to Taco Bell alone, which would just be plane sad.


LWo said...

That looks like THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! What glorious person could have planned such an occasion? :)

Ray said...

That looks like it was so much fun!! I would have loved to be there! I want a piece of that cake! :)

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

That really was a ton of fun. Davis loves it and loves his other parents. Mainly you, Caitlin and Chris. He really talks about you guys all the time.

Michelle said...

What were the 3 grand prizes and who got them?