07 January 2012

False Advertising

When my lumbar support pillow came from Amazon yesterday, I had to laugh. Here is what the smile on the face of that woman says to me, "Hey! I'm like sooooooooo happy I had to get this ridiculous looking pillow for work, car, church, etc. It is soooooo cool and even though I'm in constant chronic pain misery from a back problem, at least I get to look hot, right??"

Not right girl. Back pain is a complete beast. Mine has suddenely flared up out of no where. Just two months ago I could have drove 12 hours straight without pain. Now the pain is intense and instantaneous upon sitting. When I stand up at work I have to stand there and stretch my back for a minute before I walk or I might get a sharp pain and fall down (yes, it has happened once).

Anyway, it made me think about false advertising and putting to pretty a face on reality.

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Jana said...

We're old.